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ARTIST CALL OUT A Clothesline to the Past: Rhode Island Takes on Brazil March 21-April 21, 2017, RISCA Atrium Gallery

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017


A Clothesline to the Past: Rhode Island Takes on Brazil

March 21-April 21, 2017, RISCA Atrium Gallery

Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM

Artist: Tiago Gualberto


The dialogues between the United States and Brazil are intense. They involve a shared past and common challenges for the future. In this exhibit, Tiago Gualberto proposes a conversation with the community of Rhode Island through images about the possible connections and disconnects between the two countries.


Gualberto is an Afro-Brazilian contemporary artist who frequently explores the fraying of identitarian, temporal and authorial notions in his artistic research. In this proposal entitled “A Clothesline to the Past”, the artist invites the entire community of Rhode Island to participate in a collaborative artistic experiment.


By his initiative, the artist proposes a showing of visual arts made up of multiple images that will result from his interventions upon images sent by those who make up this larger American community. Unlike traditional curation, this proposal will not be extended only to visual artists, but seeks to include any individual who shows interest in sending their images and agrees to participate in this project.


In order to participate, each participant should send maximum three digital, high-resolution images by February 19, 2017 to the following e-mail address: diversityartexhibit@gmail.com


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Southern Exposure: Grants for performing arts of Latin America

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

APRIL 1, 2016
Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America program is a national initiative designed to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the richness and diversity of Latin American cultures through the work of its contemporary and traditional performing artists. Southern Exposure provides fee support grants to nonprofit presenters located anywhere in the United States and its territories that contract performing artists from the annually curated Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America roster. All funded engagements are required to include a public performance and a community engagement activity that provides audiences direct interaction with the visiting artists. An emphasis is placed on funding engagements in communities that have little access to this type of work.
Southern Exposure is a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation (“MAAF”) made possible through the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts (“NEA”).
for more information please visit http://southernexposurearts.org/booking

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Now Hiring: Michigan Latino Arts – Program Associate, NALAC

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Investing in the Michigan Latino Arts Community
With support from the Kellogg Foundation, the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) is making strategic investments in Michigan to bolster leadership development, grow networks and partnerships locally, regionally and nationally and provide financial resources for artists and organizations involved in effecting change through arts and culture. Please view and share the job opportunities below to work with NALAC on this exciting initiative.

Now Hiring: Michigan Latino Arts – Program Associate, NALAC
DEADLINE TO APPLY: Open until filled.
Apply today. http://www.nalac.org/opportunities/jobs-available/1672-nalac-michigan-latino-arts-research-associate

NALAC is currently recruiting an experienced Program Associate to manage and produce a multi-faceted capacity building initiative throughout the state of Michigan. The Associate will work alongside NALAC’s Director of Programs, Research Associate and other NALAC staff to co-design, implement and assess tools and events that meet the needs of the Michigan Latina/o arts and culture communities, including organizational and career development, policy and advocacy, design/implementation, and community organizing. In this position the Program Associate will support research, convening, events, coordination and handle other corresponding administrative responsibilities. Review the job posting and apply.

Now Hiring: Michigan Latino Arts – Research Associate, NALAC
DEADLINE TO APPLY: Open until filled. Apply today.

NALAC is currently recruiting an experienced Research Associate to identify the existing ecosystem of Latina/o arts communities and efforts throughout the State of Michigan, conduct asset mapping, and consequently expand the Latina/o voice in the region. The Researcher will prepare surveys, conduct interviews, create data visualizations and conduct analyses. The data is meant to serve as a tool for research, advocacy, and policymaking. This person will work as an advisor to NALAC in assessing regional needs and understanding policies that impact Latina/os in Michigan. The Associate will work alongside NALAC’s Director of Programs, Michigan Program Associate and other NALAC staff. Review the job posting and apply.

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National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC)Advocacy Leadership Institute (ALI) Deadline is January 26, 2017

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Applications must be submitted electronically via Submittable (ALI Online Application), as per the ALI Guidelines no later than deadline to apply: January 26, 2017

The NALAC Advocacy Leadership Institute (ALI) is a three-day intensive, hands-on training that builds advocacy skills and knowledge about the role of government and public institutions in the arts field. Highlights of the NALAC Advocacy Leadership Institute include: meetings with noted political leaders on Capitol Hill and members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus as well as meetings with senior staff at the National Endowment for the Arts, the White House Office of Public Engagement and Smithsonian Latino Center. All artists and cultural workers are eligible to apply.

The 2017 NALAC Advocacy Leadership Institute (ALI) is a three-day intensive, hands-on training that builds advocacy skills and knowledge about the role of government and public institutions in the arts field. A group of 10-15 participants will be selected to attend the ALI in Washington, D.C., where Congressional Staff and experienced arts advocates will impart skills to enhance efforts on behalf of Latino arts and culture. The goals of this advanced institute are to:
◦cultivate a deeper understanding of the frameworks involved in shaping cultural policy, and its impact on Latino artistic production and social justice;
◦provide research and instruction on advocacy protocols and strategies;
◦deliver immersion training via preparatory research and assignments, instruction, site visits and consultations;
◦develop competencies for meaningful communication with local and state elected officials, and with national congressional representatives and staff;
◦build relationships and initiate dialogue with policy makers to promote understanding of the Latino arts sector’s needs while asserting the role of the arts in sustaining viable communities;
◦equip Fellows with the necessary tools to lead proactive efforts in their respective communities, and to deliver effective messages that will help broaden support for the arts; and,
◦nurture Fellows as an engaged group of active Latino arts sector advocates.

This training is open to all artists, administrators and cultural practioners, including alumni of the NALAC Leadership Institute and Intercultural Leadership Institute. Please also note that past attendees of the Advocacy Leadership Institutes are not eligible to apply. Ten to fifteen alumni of the NALAC Leadership Institute will be selected to attend through a panel review process.

At the time an application is submitted:
◦Applicant must be an Individual or Organizational Member of NALAC.
Visit www.nalactienda.org to renew or establish membership

The NALAC Advocacy Leadership Institute curriculum is based on developing the capacity and potential of Latino artists and cultural workers to shape arts policy on the national and international stage. This lens provides the framework for all Instititutes/alitute presentations, discussions, and exercises. Topics and activities include:

Art and Community Building
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Overview
Congressional Visits
Legislative Process Overview
National Advocacy Organizations
National Arts Advocacy Efforts
National Endowment for the Arts Meeting
Preparation and Advice for Congressional Visits
Successful Advocacy Models
White House Office of Public Engagement

For more information visit http://nalac.org/programs/nalac-institutes/ali

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Celebrating Diversity Art Exhibit at the Attleboro Art Museum

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Celebrating Diversity

A multi-cultural exhibition honoring communities, backgrounds and points of view.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: This February, the Attleboro Arts Museum welcomes
Celebrating Diversity – a breakthrough multi-cultural arts exhibition.
Celebrating Diversity represents the greatness that can be achieved when we
embrace diversity and inclusion. Elena Calderón-Patiño, Community Arts Program
Director of the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA), curates this group
show featuring a variety of media from over 40 New England artists.

Exhibition Dates:
February 23 – March 13, 2010

Attleboro Arts Museum
86 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703

From February 23 – March 13, 2010 the Attleboro Arts Museum will present
Celebrating Diversity – a multi-cultural exhibition honoring communities,
backgrounds and points of view. Gallery-goers will view personal responses to life
in, for example, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, China; examine
artwork developed for the visually impaired; discover the creative strength of an
artist with developmental challenges; and explore contemporary visual statements of
global importance. Celebrating Diversity offers a range of media and concepts.
Celebrating Diversity was initially on display at The Atrium Gallery at One Capitol
Hill, Providence, RI, (a gallery run by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts)
during August and September 2009. The exhibition launched as a group show that
included the work of artists currently living in Rhode Island. Due to popular demand
and interest it has grown to incorporate a range of artists that live and work in
Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. This expansion has made for a very
intriguing collection of reflections and statements

“Regardless of where we come from or who we are, we all can be moved by a
powerful concept and well executed visual work”, comments Mim Brooks Fawcett,
Executive Director of the Attleboro Arts Museum. Fawcett continues, “The vibrant
and varied art in this exhibition is thought-provoking, and will undoubtedly touch all
viewers. Using a rich mix of personal messages and a range of creative techniques
Celebrating Diversity truly reflects the idea that art is a universal language.”

Exhibiting Artists
Joshua 2, Nancy Aleo, Pablo Alvarez, Elizabeth Arseneau, John Avakian, Juan Jose Barboza-
Gubo, Dan Butterworth, Taliabah & Carlos Cabral, Josh Carter, Jiyoung Chung, Cinzia
Cittadino, Nancy Cusack, Felix Diclo, Iris Donnelly, Samantha Fields, Ana Flores, Nancy
Gaucher-Thomas, Eric Mora Guillén, Francisco Hernandez, Ciriaco Herrero, Ezequiel
Jiménez, Grimm Lee, Hiroko Lee, Nixon Ledger, Farnaz Mobayyen, Munir Mohammed, Betsy
McLaughlin, Maria Napolitano, Clare Nesdall, Debra Olin, Agustín Patiño, Kristan Rangel,
Tony Reeves, Monique Rolle Johnson, Amy Jean Romero, Cynthia Ross-Meeks, Affandi
Setiawan, Hiroko Shikashio, Balam Soto, Dawn Spears, C.A. Stigliano, Mark Taber, Brittanny
Taylor, Peter Thibeault, Sidney Tillett, Luis Villanueva, Jessi Vohs.
Elena Calderón-Patiño, Community Arts Program Director of the Rhode Island State
Council on the Arts (RISCA),
remarks “The motivation behind the 1st Annual
Celebrating Diversity exhibit at the Atrium Gallery in Providence, RI, was to promote
art as a means of facilitating cross-cultural dialogue. After an overwhelming
response to the exhibit, I envisioned the show traveling throughout the New
England area. This led to a conversation with Mim Brooks Fawcett, Executive
Director of the Attleboro Art Museum, to discuss the prospect of moving the show to
her location and she welcomed the idea.” Calderón-Patiño continues, “We then
began working on an expanded version of the Celebrating Diversity exhibit for the
Attleboro Arts Museum, featuring over 40 artists from Rhode Island, Massachusetts,
Connecticut, and New York. We also talked about hosting future regional multicultural
exhibits that will include nationally and internationally renowned artists, as
well as Southern New England artists with a range of challenges.”
“The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts is pleased to collaborate with the
Attleboro Art Museum and all of these extraordinary and diverse artists in presenting
this important show” states Randall Rosenbaum, Executive Director, Rhode Island
State Council on the Art (RISCA)
. “The citizens of Rhode Island and Massachusetts
are fortunate to have artists of this caliber living and working in their communities.
We are committed to supporting this work, and the work of all artists, for the value
that they bring to life in southern New England.”

“Since 2001, The Rhode Island Department of Administration, Human Resources
Outreach & Diversity Office (HROD) has partnered with Rhode Island State Council
on the Arts (RISCA) to showcase the work of black and Latino artists from the
Rhode Island area. Our shows have served as a means through which their artistic
voice could be heard,” comments Cheryl Burrell, Administrator, Rhode Island
Department of Administration, Human Resources Outreach & Diversity Office
“In 2009 we launched our first Celebrating Diversity exhibit featuring the
work of a more diverse group of Rhode Island artists. The show was a huge
success, largely due to the efforts of our curator, Elena Calderón-Patiño, RISCA’s
Community Arts Program Director. I look forward to the Attleboro Arts Museum’s
expanded Celebrating Diversity exhibition.”
Several related arts experiences will take place at the Attleboro Arts Museum during
the Celebrating Diversity exhibition.

Events include:
1. Attleboro’s Winter Night Festival
Saturday, February 27th, 2010; 6-10pm
Directly outside the Attleboro Arts Museum, Downtown Attleboro
Free and open to the public
Attleboro’s Winter Night Festival is a one-night, outdoor/indoor, family-friendly arts
event celebrating visual arts, music, performance, culinary adventures and
children/family activities. The Attleboro Cultural Council (a Local Cultural Council of the Mass
Cultural Council) is the lead sponsor of Attleboro’s Winter Night Festival.
2. Attleboro Arts Museum Annual Poetry Slam
Saturday, March 6th; 2-5 pm
Attleboro Arts Museum Ottmar Gallery
Free and open to the public
Hosted by Boston SlamMaster Simone Beaubien
The Boston Poetry Slam and the Attleboro Arts Museum present the fifth annual
Attleboro Arts Museum Poetry Slam on March 6, 2010. Poets, listeners, and art
enthusiasts of all ages are invited to attend this high-energy literary event. “Poetry
Slam” is most easily defined as the art of competitive poetry. Poets nineteen years
of age and under are invited to compete in a “youth” competition. An adult poetry
slam, open to all, will close the afternoon. All members of the public are invited to
attend to listen, compete, or judge as one of the Museum’s most dynamic programs
celebrates its fifth year of poetic fun. The Celebrating Diversity exhibition will serve
as a backdrop for the Poetry Slam.

3. “Picturing Connections”: Spotlight Exhibit at the Attleboro Arts Museum
Saturday, March 13th; 2-4 pm
Attleboro Arts Museum Ottmar Gallery
Free and open to the public
“Picturing Connections”, a visual arts education workshop series at the Attleboro
Arts Museum, featured hands-on classes with artist-in-residence, Cristina Hajosy,
and culminates with spotlight exhibitions in the Museum’s Ottmar Gallery and
Attleboro City Hall. This series was funded by VSA arts of Massachusetts and served
adult students with developmental disabilities from the Arc of Northern Bristol
County. “Picturing Connections” encouraged participants to visualize and appreciate
their surroundings for the larger possibilities, while empowering them through art to
become involved in community betterment and support.

Established in 1967, the RI State Council on the Arts (RISCA) is charged by the state
of Rhode Island legislature to stimulate public interest and participation in the arts
and to serve as the liaison to the state arts community. www.arts.ri.gov
About the Attleboro Arts Museum
The Attleboro Arts Museum involves audiences of all ages and backgrounds in the
visual arts through diverse educational programs and engaging arts experiences.
We work to support the creative and artistic development of both promising and
professional artists. The Museum is a privately supported, non-profit arts institution
whose core commitment to Arts for Everyone guides the Museum’s programs and
operations. www.attleboroartsmuseum.org
Elena Calderón-Patiño     
Community Arts Program     
Rhode Island State Council for the Arts  
One Capital Hill     
Providence, RI 02908     
401-222-6996      epatino@arts.ri.gov     

Mim Brooks Fawcett
Director Executive Director
Attleboro Arts Museum
86 Park Street
Attleboro, MA 02703
508-222-2644 x11
epatino@arts.ri.gov     mfawcett@attleboroartsmuseum.org

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Benefit Concert: Help Rebuild Russell Spear’s House, June 11th, Courthouse Center for the Arts, West Kingston

Monday, June 9th, 2008

He Built our Walls, Now let’s Help Rebuild His House

Russell Spears, father of one of the great Narragansett Stone Wall

building families had his house burnt down a few months ago. Without

insurance it is expensive to rebuild. So, members of our community who

have benefited by Russell’s walls, charm and wisdom have decided to

celebrate Russell’s work and help him rebuild his house.

Where: Courthouse Center for the Arts, 3481 Kingstown Road, West

Kingston, RI

When? June 11th, 2008 7pm-10pm Cost: $10

Activities: Storytelling (Paula Dove Jennings), Music (Jon Campbell, Mark

Vinbury, Dee Tetreault and Josh Schurman, the Naybobs, Thawn Harris),

Food, Speakers, A Showing of Marc Levitt’s Stories in Stone; A Film about

the Narragansett Stonewall Building Tradition, Auction and more!

For More Information: Marc Levitt, MarcLevitt@aol.com, 401.954.4568

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Fishel Bresler’s Klezmer Hassidic Trio, June 19th, Rochambeau Public Library, Providence, RI

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Come celebrate the beginning of Summer!

with Fishel Bresler’s Klezmer Hassidic Trio

Family Concert Night

Thursday, June 19th, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Lively music sponsored by the Friends of Rochambeau.

at the Rochambeau Branch of the Public Library

FREE • 708 Hope Street • Admission $0!

for info: www.provlib.org/calendar.asp or call 455-8198, www.friendsofrochambeau.org/


If you don’t already receive emailings for upcoming


& would like to, just let us know & we’ll add you to the list.


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A French Soiree Contra-Dance at Slater Mill, May 24th!

Friday, May 9th, 2008

The franco-american trio at historic slater mill

New England Fiddle Tunes with a French Accent!



18th century dances at an 18th century mill

Saturday, May 24, 2008, 8-11pm. Beginners lessons at 7:30pm.Location: The Slater Mill: A National Historic Site67 Roosevelt Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02860

Musicians: Deck Nieforth on Harmonica, Feet, Fiddle and Spoons

Linette Charpentier on Fiddle; Mike Fischman on Guitar and Mandolin

Caller: Linda Leslie

Sponsors: Le Foyer and The Historic Slater Mill

Prices: $8 Adults, $5 Seniors and students with ID


Directions: From 95N, x28 (School Street). Left at bottom of ramp. Go through light, down hill, bear right across the river and turn right on Roosevelt Avenue. Slater Mill is on the right.

From 95S, x29 (Downtown Pawtucket) onto Broadway. Follow Broadway to merge with Main Street. Take right at light. Slater Mill is on the right.


**All dances taught**All welcomeBeginners and experienced****Singles, Couples, Families**Margerites**Clean, soft-soled shoes**

**Great wooden floor**Old Friends and New**Aerobic fun** 

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Mother’s Day Irish Session and Dinner at Local 121, Sunday, May 11th!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Bring your Mother to a special “Mother’s Day Session” this Sunday, May

11th, from 5-8 pm in the Tap Room at LOCAL 121 for some traditional

Irish jigs and reels, maternally-inspired poetry (to make her weep) and

even a song or two (…wish Bing were still with us, but maybe we can

get Marylee or Bridget to do a Connie Francis impersonation…).


Your Mother deserves some fun!


And if you REALLY love her, treat her to an ecologically, culturally,

and agriculturally sustainable LOCAL “Mother’s Day Dinner” -

she will be so proud of you!


The Session is FREE (no cover) as is the Valet Parking. Reservations for

dinner are highly recommended.



Hope to see you (and your Mother) there!


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Corn Planting Moon Celebration at the Tomaquag Indian Memorial Museum, Saturday, May 3rd!

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Corn Planting Moon Celebration

Tomaquag Museum

Saturday, May 3, 2008 1-4pm

Admissions $4 adult $2 children under 5 free

Come join our circle, enjoy Narragansett storytelling. Tour the museum and gardens. Celebrate the planting moon with us at Tomaquag.



Film Showing: Award Winning

Sovereign Neighbor, Sovereign Nation

produced by URI professor Kendall Moore



Vendors Welcome




Loren M. Spears

Executive Director

www.tomaquagmuseum.com 390 Summit Road

Exeter, RI 02822


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Cinerama Latino of Rhode Island invites you to the screening of “Excexos”, May 31

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Esta invitado a “CINERAMA LATINO RHODE ISLAND” el día Sábado, 31 de mayo a las 15:45.


“”EXCEXOS“, la primera película dominicana estrenada comercialmente en Santo Domingo en el 2008.”

Que: Exhibit

Cuándo: Sábado, 31 de mayo a las 15:45


Para ver mas detalles y RSVP, sigue el enlace debajo:


CINERAMA LATINO OF RHODE ISLAND invites you to the screening of Excexos, the first commercially released film from the Dominican Repubic for 2008

When, Saturday, May 31 at 3:45 pm

Where: Columbus Theater

Fore more information,  go to:  http://www.facebook.com/p.php?i=788342149&k=ZZD34654QYVM51EGRC55W4

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RI International Film Festival and Gallery Z present a performance by international artists, tonight, April 16th, at the Columbus Theater!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

RIIFF and Gallery Z invite you to “Live Drawing,” a

performance by internationally acclaimed artist Kevork

Mourad to music by world-renouned Syrian clarinetist

Kinan Azmeh, this Wednesday, April 16th, at the

Columbus Theater, 270 Broadway, in Providence,

beginning at 7:30pm.

Kevork Mourad will be performing “Live Drawing” -

drawings created in time with live music and shown on

a projection screen throughout the process of creation.

He has previously performed “Live Drawing” with Yo-

Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. The theme for this “Live

Drawing” performance is The Epic of Gilgamesh. The

current unrest in the seat of the world’s oldest

civilization has inspired Mourad and Azmeh to explore

this story, the most ancient written epic currently in

existence. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a lush story, rich

in meaning, in romance, and in humor.

In the first tablet of the epic, we are introduced to

Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk, whose insatiable appetite

and oppressive power cause the sky-god to create a

counterpart, Enkidu. A wild man, Enkidu is tamed through

sensual love and will make his way to the city to meet his

rival, Gilgamesh, the only man worthy of his friendship.

With original composition on the clarinet inspiring and

working off of the visual artist’s projected illustration, the

world’s oldest known epic will be brought to life in the

present, using new musical forms and a new form of

visual art exploring the permanence of lines on paper in

the impermanence of projection.

Tickets can be purchased ahead of time at Gallery Z for

$15. Otherwise, tickets are $20 at the door.

Admission for students with a valid ID is $5; admission for

children under 12 is free.

Presentation Location:


270 Broadway

Providence, RI 02903



7:30 P.M.


Located on Providence’s Historic Atwells Avenue (Exit

21 from Interstate 95) since 2001, Gallery Z offers an

eclectic collection of works by 20th-21st century

Armenian, American, international, and Rhode Island

artists. Opening receptions are held on the third

Thursday of each month. Owner and photographer

Bérge Ara Zobian, spearheading efforts to raise public

interest in the arts, dedicates an entire front window to

the public forum. http://www.galleryzprov.com/ Gallery Hours:

Tues & Wed 12-6pm,

Thurs-Sat 12-8pm,

By appointment and by chance



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Traditional Irish Session, Sunday, April 13th at Local 121!

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Traditional Irish Session

Sunday, April 13

5-8 pm

No cover


Special Guest: Robbie O’Connell


O’Connell is a songwriter of vision, awareness and maturity. He has the ability to take an everyday experience or thought and turn it into an effective structured song. All his material is melodic and accessible and his keen sense of humour is never far from the surface.” Paul Dromey, The Evening Echo

http://www.robbieoconnell.com/ Local 121

121 Washington Street

Providence, RI 02903


Free Valet Parking!


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Reminder: Kevin Burke & Cal Scott at AS220, Wednesday, April 8, 7PM!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008



Kevin Burke with Cal Scott


Wednesday, April 9

7:00 pm

$15 Admission at the door


Legendary Irish fiddler Kevin Burke, called “one of the great living

Celtic fiddlers” by the New York Times, teams up with guitarist Cal

Scott for an unforgettable evening. Being at the forefront of

traditional Irish music for nearly 30 years has gained Kevin Burke the

remarkable reputation of being the consummate artist as both a solo and

an ensemble player. He and Cal will showcase their acclaimed CD “Across

the Black River.” For more information about Kevin and Cal, visit this

web site: http://www.kevinburke.com/  

Opening is local favorite… Hannah Devine with “Magnolia’s” Alan






115 Empire Street

Providence, RI






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4TH Annual John Whelan Ceili, Saturday, April 5th!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008




7:30 to 11:30 PM


K. of C. HALL

1047 PARK AVE.







FOR MORE INFO: Barry & Pat Callahan 508-339-6231


DIRECTIONS: I-95 to Exit 16 (Rt. 10 to Rt. 2 Cranston). In 0.9 miles, exit RIGHT (Rt. 2, Reservoir Ave., Cranston). At Traffic Light, bear RIGHT onto Reservoir Ave. (Rt. 2). In 0.6 miles (three more lights), turn RIGHT onto Park Ave. The K. of C. Hall is 0.2 miles ahead on the RIGHT, AFTER the Sunoco Gas, and ABOVE Bank of R.I. on 2nd Floor (approx. 4 or 5 buildings from Reservoir Ave.). PARKING is in the REAR.

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Klezmer Music March 29 Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House, Providence AND March 30th, Providence Marriot Hotel

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

* Fishel Bresler & Shelley Katsh – Klezmer & Hassidic Music*Get them while you can! The last two public concerts for a few months…

 at the *Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House*, 209 Douglas Ave, PROVIDENCE, just across the highway from downtown Providence

this Saturday night, Mar. 29

8:30 – 10ish PM – Admission $9

Directions: Right on Orms, across the bridge over 95 , first right onto Douglas Ave.

We’re one half mile down on the right, just past the 95S entrance.

For more specific directions go to

www.BrooklynCoffeeTeaHouse.com< http://towww.brooklyncoffeeteahouse.com/>orcall 575-2284 weekday mornings.*On Sunday evening, March 30th,* Fishel Bresler & Shelley Katsh will perform

again at the *Providence Marriot Hotel* (just down the hill from

Staples/Whole Foods) as part of the annual PHDS* Gala Event. Two sets of

music will be played at 6:15 PM and 8:00 PM. Admission is $10, which

includes delicious food by Divine Providence Caterers and $5 credit towards

tickets for your choice of prize raffles! At 9 PM Fishel Bresler and “Dr.

Dan” Straus will then MC the comedic rapid-fire-raffle-drawing race to give

out all 50 Great Prizes in well under an hour! (Talk about a

win-win-win-win-win-win… situation!)

More info at www.PHDS-event.com < http://www.phds-event.com/> 

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Legendary Irish musician Kevin Burke, with Cal Scott at AS220, April 9th!

Friday, March 21st, 2008

From Ireland: The Legendary

Kevin Burke


With Cal Scott


“…one of the most influential Irish musicians

of his generation.

April 9th 7:00 pm



115 Empire Street, Providence, RI


Opener: Hannah Devine with Alan Bradbury


$15 Admission

For more information: (401) 461-8347







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St. Patrick’s Day Family Ceili at Local 121, Monday, March 17th!

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Please bring the family and come celebrate at a… St. Patrick’s Day Family Ceili Monday, March 17th 6-9 pm$5 Admission; kids under 12 FREE!

* Music by Jimmy & Hannah Devine and Friends

* Ceili and Set Dancing called by Laura Travis and Barry & Pat Callahan

* Special Irish Menu (so no need to go home and cook dinner!)

* Guinness on tap

* Complimentary Irish Tea

* …and FREE Valet Parking


121 Washington Street

Providence, Rhode Island




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The Gnomes perform: St. Patrick’s dance at the Mediator, Providence, Saturday, March 15th!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Greetings Folks!

Saturday, several children will perform and stepdance!!

Saturday, March 15thSt. Patrick’s Weekend Concert & Dance with The Gnomes at The Mediator, 50 Rounds Ave. Providence, RI 7:30pm;  $10.00

Information: 401-461-3683

You can bring food and drinks of any kind! And of course,

dancing spirit. This is our annual Providence St. Paddy’s gig and not to be missed!

Special Guests: children performing: Flannery Brown (whistle/cello); Turin Ryan (whistles); Ruby Mae, Samuel & Evelyn Miller (fiddle, guitar, whistles, bodhran). The Millers will also stepdance!

Info on The Gnomes:

www.myspace.com/thegnomesbandri and www.CDBaby.com The Gnomes/R.I. CD: To The Dance Floor

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Irish musician John Spillane, March 16th!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008


Sunday, March 16th

7:00 pm

$15 Admission

(all proceeds go to the performer)



John is a native of Cork, the county he lovingly describes as ‘the

centre of the universe’ and it has been a huge influence on this

singer/songwriter. Vocally, Spillane is quite unique with an almost sean

nos like element and has been described as having a voice ‘full of

honesty, commitment and sensitivity.”


The Devine’s

40 Harding Avenue

Cranston, Rhode Island 02905

(reply to this email for directions)

(401) 461-8347 or (401) 837-7181


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