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Archive for January, 2005

Welcome to the RISCA Weblog!

Sunday, January 30th, 2005

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the RISCA (that’s Rhode Island State Council on the Arts) weblog! A weblog (sometime known as a blog) is an informal online communications tool, conveying information, opportunities and observations on a day-to-day (sometimes moment-to-moment) basis.

Why a blog for a state arts agency?

An enormous amount of information flows through our door (and via electrons to our computer screens). It’s not just about stuff we’re doing: it involves job opportunities for artists, competitions here and throughout the country, interesting things that are happening in the area of arts education, artist housing, health care, practically any topic of interest to the Rhode Island arts community.

We’ve enjoyed producing our electronic newsletter (and plan to continue offering that to the public), but there are many times we wished we had a more immediate (and easier) mechanism for communicating this information. The RISCA Weblog is our attempt to do that.

We’ll have several categories of information, with contributions from several members of the RISCA staff and perhaps some friends from “the outside”. Through the miracle of science, headlines from the three most recent entries in a number of categories will be listed on the RISCA web site, through a technology known as RSS (which stands for “Really Simple Syndication”). Those who are technically adept (or can follow directions from the web) will be able to list this information on their own web sites, free of charge (naturally). You can even pull these RSS “feeds” into one of the many free RSS readers available for download on the web.

Some of these things will be coming to you in dribs and drabs over the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy them, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please take a moment to let us know at info@arts.ri.gov.

Randy (Rosenbaum: Executive Director, RISCA)

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