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Public art call: City of Denver – 14th St. Corridor

Friday, February 26th, 2010

The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) seeks to commission one or more artists (or teams of artists) to create site-specific artwork to enhance and activate a one-mile stretch of streetscape along 14th Street, in downtown Denver, CO. This stretch, from Market Street to Colfax Avenue, will become a primary pedestrian zone connecting Lower Downtown (LoDo), the Denver Theatre District, and the Golden Triangle cultural district and Civic Center.

Plans are underway to widen the sidewalks on the north side of the street and encourage more restaurants, entertainment and retail along the street. Street improvements such as benches, planters, new signage, lighting and traffic controls are included in the scope of this project.  Ultimately, these improvements will encourage a lively and activated pedestrian destination, and the artwork should complement and augment these efforts.

The budget for this project is approximately $180,000.

Applications must be submitted on www.callforentry.org by 5:00 pm on March 26, 2010.

More information can be found at www.callforentry.org.

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Beechwood House In Wickford

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Preservation ALERT

Preserve Rhode Island

957 North Main Street
Providence, RI 02904

February 25, 2010    

Distinguished Beechwood House in Wickford needs new use

This town-owned facility is an excellent candidate for a creative new use, perhaps through a public/private partnership.  Please consider some ideas as you read this and contact Historic Wickford with any possibilities, interest or leads you might have.

The Property:

In 1873, the politically and socially prominent Rhode Islander, Governor Elisha Dyer Jr. choose Cold Spring Beach in Wickford, Rhode Island as the location for his summer residence, formerly a farm owned by members of Wickford’s founding family, the Updikes.
Today, the three-story, clapboard, Victorian residence named Beechwood House still stands, as the sole survivor of a lively era when wealthy New York families traveled to Newport via the Newport and Wickford Railroad and Steamboat Company.  Many visitors stopped and lingered in picturesque Wickford, even then an appealing historic bayside village. 
Decorative Stick-style framing on the exterior, an intact Victorian parlor, and a column wrap-around veranda that offers visitors outstanding panoramic views of Narragansett Bay, distinguishes this building of 137 years.  

After serving as the Governor’s summer residence, the property became The Beechwood, an inn that stood near the seventy-five room Cold Spring House, a favorite of many Saint Louis families.  Unfortunately, the Cold Spring House is now gone.  In 1968, the Town of North Kingstown acquired the Beechwood House and in April of 1975, it began its “new life” as the North Kingstown Senior Center.  For some thirty-four years it served the community in that capacity.

Read more about Beechwood’s most prominent occupant, Governor Elisha Dyer, Jr.

The Threat: 

In December 2009, the North Kingstown Senior Center vacated Beechwood House for a new, nearby facility.  In February 2010, the Town Council, ordered that quotations be obtained for its demolition, but indicated that a window of opportunity still remained for the preservation of Beechwood House should an acceptable proposal be made for a sustainable reuse.

The Opportunity:
Beechwood House represents an opportunity to preserve a unique part of the history of North Kingstown and many residents are asking the community to make every effort to preserve the building before an irreversible action is taken.

Traditionally, the Town of North Kingstown is known for its historic landmarks and largely intact 18th century village as well as its desire to protect and preserve its historic assets.  It’s no surprise that the Town’s recently revised Comprehensive Plan reflects and reinforces the value that this community places on the preservation of local history and culture. 

Following in that tradition, a broad coalition of concerned citizens has been working together in a community effort to preserve Beechwood House.  With the demolition of Beechwood House imminent, time is running out.  Preservationist and others are “under the gun” to find a solution.


Individuals, groups, or organizations interested in helping in preservation efforts, should contact Mike Dacey, President of Historic Wickford Inc. (Histwick) at HistWick1@verizon.net.

In addition to a long and varied political career, Dyer was also a longtime and distinguished member of the Rhode Island Militia.  He enlisted in the Rhode Island 1st Light Artillery Battery at start of the Civil War.  Later, he was Adjutant General of the state and enjoyed the rank of Brigadier-General from 1882 to 1895, during which time he revised and completed the state’s Civil War records and reorganized the state militia.
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Trinity Rep Summer Institute

Thursday, February 25th, 2010
For the sixth summer, Trinity Rep will open its doors for boys and girls in grades 5-12 to explore a world of creativity and theater under the instruction of Rhode Island’s most knowledgeable theater professionals with the Young Actors Summer Institute. The Summer Institute offers students a challenging five weeks of study in the fields of acting, playwriting, dance and much more.  The Summer Institute runs from June 30 to July 31, with a middle and high school optional extension week from August 2-7 (students participating in the extension week will be working to put on a Shakespeare production, and any student entering 8th-12th grade is welcome to enroll).  For more information please click here.
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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Newport Arts Festival Calling all artists! The deadline to enter the Newport Arts Festival’s first annual poster contest is rapidly approaching! The contest offers a cash prize, great publicity, and a free booth space at the event for the winning artist. The deadline is March 31st. Spread the word.

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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Newport Arts Festival Do you know any local or regional musical performers? Each year, the music stage heats up the festival atmosphere. We still have openings in the line-up for 2010. Encourage those you love to hear to participate in our event. Deadline for entertainers is March 13th!

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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010








TogetherGreen is a major conservation initiative of Audubon, supported by a generous gift from Toyota.The goals of

the program are to nurture conservation leadership, achieve conservation results, and engage millions of Americans in

conservation action. Over the next five years, TogetherGreen will support a series of national conservation initiatives,

including the Conservation Leadership Program, that support these goals and the underlying notion that everyone can

make a difference.

The TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Program invests in promising and proven leaders who are

committed to empowering others and to creating positive environmental change in their communities and

organizations. Each TogetherGreen Fellow will receive professional development opportunities, a $10,000 grant to help

support an innovative Conservation Action Project, and an opportunity to network with a cadre of committed leaders.

In 2010, up to 40 Fellows will be selected to participate in this 18-month-long program. Approximately half of the

Fellows will be selected from the National Audubon network (certified Chapters, state and national programs, and

Center programs) as well as independent Audubon entities that wish to participate in a cooperative arrangement

with National Audubon Society for this purpose.The other half will be individuals from other organizations outside

of Audubon.

All Fellows will be required to conduct a Conservation Action Project to help address one or more of the

following TogetherGreen

conservation goals:

• Habitat/Land: Protect habitat and species in targeted landscapes

• Water: Protect water resources by improving water quality and water supply for all living things

• Energy: Reduce the threat of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy use and/or improving energy


To achieve these goals, Conservation Action Projects should support efforts to engage new and diverse audiences

in conservation action.

TogetherGreen Fellows will come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, but share a commitment to learning and

leading—using their knowledge, skills, and motivation to engage others in conservation action and achieve results.



The following information can be found online at www.togethergreen.org/fellows


The TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Program invests in promising and proven leaders

who are committed to empowering others and to creating positive environmental change in their

communities and organizations. Each Fellow will receive professional development opportunities, a

$10,000 grant to help support an innovative Conservation Action Project, and an opportunity to

network with a cadre of committed leaders.

The TogetherGreen

Conservation Leadership Program is designed to:

1. Build capacity of current and future conservation leaders by providing them with skills,

tools, and approaches to achieve conservation results.

2. Engage new and diverse audiences in conservation action.

3. Achieve tangible conservation results that measurably contribute to the overall

conservation goals of TogetherGreen.

We are looking for Fellows from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, and who share a commitment to

learning and leading—using their knowledge, skills, and motivation to engage others in conservation

action and achieve results.


In addition to being part of a prestigious cadre of leaders, TogetherGreen

Fellows will receive:

• Professional development focused on leadership, innovation, communications, conservation planning, outreach

to diverse audiences, and evaluation in a creative and supportive learning environment

• Financial support to attend a five-day Leadership Institute and a three-day, follow-up Leadership Retreat,

including costs for travel and lodging

• A $10,000 grant to help support a creative Conservation Action Project as well as additional training


• Networking opportunities to meet and collaborate with other TogetherGreen Fellows and opportunities to

establish strong professional connections with Audubon staff and other leaders in the conservation field

• Opportunities to secure additional funding through the TogetherGreen Innovation Grants Program*

• Opportunities for public recognition through media and web promotion

* Alumni who work for an organization interested in applying for a grant can apply after the Fellowship by working

with an organization in the Audubon network (Audubon State Offices, Centers, and Chapters). Individuals are not

eligible for grants, only organizations. For more information on eligibility and selection criteria for these grants,

visit www.TogetherGreen.org/grants.

page 2


Apply for a TogetherGreen Fellows—Act Today, Shape Tomorrow.

Learn more at www.togethergreen.org/fellows.

page 3


Applicants must:

• Have at least six years of experience in conservation, environmental education, policy, or environmental

issues, as demonstrated through current and past work experience, academic studies related to theenvironment, and/or volunteer work.

• Have a current affiliation (full- or part-time employment or equivalent volunteer commitment) with a

conservation organization, business, university, community-based organization, or other professional

organization whose goals and practices make a positive contribution to environmental



Fellows will be required to attend the TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Institute: a week-long professional

development course focused on enhancing conservation skills and sharing the latest thinking on achieving

sustainable conservation success.The Institute will also highlight the importance of using education, communications,

outreach, and social marketing to engage diverse communities in conservation.The Leadership Institute will

help bridge the gap among conservation professionals working in different aspects of the field and create a network

of leaders who support each other and share best practices. In the summer of 2011, Fellows will come back

together for a three-day follow-up retreat to hone in on key conservation issues, network, and share experiences.




Additionally, up to 25 percent of the $10,000 grant can be applied toward professional development activities

(individual training courses) directly linked to implementing each Fellow’s Conservation Action Project. For

example, a Fellow who wants to learn more about outreach strategies or management may sign up for a

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service training course.


Fellows will design and implement innovative action projects that work to achieve measurable conservation results.

The projects will enhance Fellows’ professional skills and provide opportunities for pursuing creative approaches

to conservation with the intention of more effectively engaging individuals and communities in meaningful

conservation actions.

Fellows are encouraged to build on their current conservation work by discussing their Conservation Action

Projects with their employers and integrating the projects into existing work or volunteer commitments when


Conservation Action Projects must focus on one or more of the conservation goals of TogetherGreen (see box

on page 4), complement National and State Audubon goals (for Audubon Fellows), and/or address specific

environmental behaviors. Fellows will be expected to evaluate their Conservation Action Projects using evaluation

guidelines approved by Audubon. Conservation Action Projects must take place in the U.S.

Apply for a TogetherGreen Fellows—Act Today, Shape Tomorrow.

Learn more at www.togethergreen.org/fellows.


TogetherGreen Fellows will be selected through a competitive, merit-based process. Eligible candidates must

submit a complete application form along with two letters of recommendation and other supporting documents

as described below.A National Advisory Board (composed of individuals representing diverse fields, including

conservation biology, leadership and training, strategic communications, education, organizational development, and

evaluation) will review applications and identify the top candidates based on the following criteria:

• Professional qualifications as evidenced by previous and current conservation-related experiences,

résumé, letters of recommendation from colleagues in the field, publications, and other sources.

• Personal passion and interest in honing leadership skills and engaging others to achieve conservation results.

• Demonstration of leadership talent through involvement in community and volunteer activities, the workplace,

local, state, and national government, and other areas.

• Ability to articulate a clear vision for a Conservation Action Project that achieves the goals of TogetherGreen.

• Understanding of the complexity of conservation and a willingness to work across disciplines to achieve

results, reach new audiences, think creatively, and measure success.



1) HABITAT GOAL: Protect habitat for targeted species and in targeted landscapes

Habitat Objectives:

• Reduce threats to habitats of species that need special protection

• Restore habitats for species of special concern

2) WATER GOAL: Protect water resources

Water Objectives:

• Improve water supplies to protect biodiversity

• Improve water quality to protect biodiversity

3) ENERGY GOAL: Protect our climate

Energy Objectives

• Reduce the threat of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy use and/or improving efficiency

To achieve these goals, Fellows should strive to engage new and diverse audiences in conservation action.

Prospective Fellows are asked to describe a specific Conservation Action Project in the application;

opportunities for refining the project will be available during the 2010 Conservation Leadership


TogetherGreen Conservation Goals


page 4

Apply for a TogetherGreen Fellows—Act Today, Shape Tomorrow.

Learn more at www.togethergreen.org/fellows.


An online application is available through the TogetherGreen

website: www.togethergreen.org/fellows.


, 2010.

In the online application, applicants will be asked to answer short essay questions that address the applicant’s and how the

TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Program would further the applicant’s personal and career goals.


• Résumé (up to 2 pages)

• Two professional references:

1. Letter of support from applicant’s current supervisor expressing his or her commitment to support the

applicant’s participation in the program.

2. Letter of recommendation from former or current colleague, employer, or faculty member familiar with

applicant’s professional experience and commitment to conservation.

• Mentor support letter (optional).Applicants have the option of identifying a conservation practitioner mentor

(e.g., scientist, program officer, policy or communication expert working directly on a conservation project). If a

conservation practitioner agrees to serve as a mentor, he/she should submit a letter expressing support for the

applicant for the duration of the program.



Y MAY 7, 2009.


Each TogetherGreen Fellow will be asked to:• Take part in the full 18-month fellowship and maintain an active presence in the TogetherGreen Alumni network after

completion of fellowship.

• Attend a five-day Conservation Leadership Institute (fall 2

010) and a follow-up three-day Retreat.

(fall 2011).All Institute and Retreat travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the program.

• Complete and evaluate a Conservation Action Project in his/her

community or region focused on habitat, water, energy, and engaging

diverse audiences in conservation. (For more about conservation goals,

see box on page 4.)

• Host seminars, workshops, or other events with a goal of reaching at

least 100 people.

• Submit an approved budget for the $10,000 grant. Fellows will receive

guidance during the fall 2010 Leadership Institute on program

budgeting and evaluation.

• Serve as a program spokesperson and conservation role model for the

TogetherGreen program.

• Actively participate in evaluation activities implemented by the external

evaluation team.

• Sign a waiver authorizing a background check.

• Sign a photo release form.

• Sign a grant agreement.

page 5


The TogetherGreen website provides additional

program information and application guidelines.

Inquires should be sent to:

fellows@TogetherGreen.org, or contact

Anne Ferguson at 415-694-9555


TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Program

National Audubon Society

1150 Connecticut Ave., NW #600

Washington, DC 20036



Apply for a TogetherGreen Fellows—Act Today, Shape Tomorrow.Learn more at www.togethergreen.org/fellows.

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PrYSM seeks TreasurerSeeking Treasurer to Serve on Board of Directors

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM), a non-profit Southeast Asian youth-led agency, is seeking qualified persons to apply to serve as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors.

In partnership with the Executive Director, the Treasurer assures the integrity of the organization’s financial systems and procedures. The Treasurer will assist the Executive Director in preparing the annual budget for board approval. The Treasurer is a member of the Fund Raising Committee. S/he also serves as an authorized check signer for the organization.

The Treasurer makes the financial report at Board meetings and is the Board representative to assure that the organization follows established rules, regulations and best practices regarding financial control and reporting.

PrYSM’s purpose is to mobilize Southeast Asian youth into community organizing campaigns which, a) foster the process of healing and dialogue, b) build support and love for those who are isolated and marginalized, and c) build power in the Southeast Asian community. PrYSM currently has eight members who serve on the Board of Directors, three full-time staff, several part-time volunteers, and over 100 youth whom take part in volunteer activities, leadership development programming, and community organizing activities throughout the year.

For more information, please visit us at http://www.facebook.com/l/b0a34;www.prysm.us. If you are interested, please call us, visit our office, and meet other members of the board. I will also schedule an interview with you. Send resume and cover letter to Kohei@prysm.us, and please feel free to address any questions to me as well. Sincerely,



Kohei Ishihara

Executive Director

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RISCA Fellowship Night This Thursday, 2/26 From 7-9

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
The Fellowship Film Night will feature works by Film & Video Fellowship recipients Mike Stoltz and Lisa Young, as well as New Genres Fellowship Merit Award recipient Aaron Jungels, who also received a 2010 Project Grant award for his documentary film ”Silas the Teenager”. This is a unique opportunity to hear these artists discuss past and current film projects.
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Position Available: Program Assistant for The Healing Arts

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

The HEALING ARTS: New Pathways to Health

Position Available: Program Assistant

Job Qualifications

We are seeking a reliable individual who is self-directed and has excellent communication, program management and organizational skills to join The Healing Arts: New Pathways To Health program, an award winning regional arts and healing program that brings high quality interactive arts to people living with chronic healthcare issues and those who care for them. Effective written and verbal communication with artists, non-profit and hospital staff and administration is key part of job. Applicant must have excellent computer literacy and the ability to quickly master new online services and various software programs (such as Google documents, Constant Contact, Quickbooks, etc.) Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel is essential, and web design experience is a plus. Experience in (or skills comparable to) development, fundraising support and grant writing is a plus.


- Set and execute weekly work plan priorities and tasks for Healing Arts Program.

- Communicate with Healing Arts artists, non-profit organizations and hospital site staff and administration to coordinate meetings and programs

- Organize schedule and meetings for Healing Arts program. Maintain program calendar and work plan. Organize and maintain all digital and hard copy records and files for program

- Organize and prepare conference materials, conference calls, meeting agendas, reports, etc.

- Provide logistical support: Attend team meetings and conferences, and execute follow-up tasks

- Recruit new artists as needed

- Communicate with film distribution company

- Prepare and distribute evaluation forms, contracts or and/or write-ups as needed

- Update materials and content for Healing Arts web site

- Prepare drafts of correspondence and/or proofread materials as needed

- Assist Program Director with other tasks as needed

- Program Assistant is also responsible for general administrative support for program

(eg. facilitating computer repair, printing, etc.)

Hours, Salary and Travel Requirement(s)

The Program Assistant position is a 20-30 hour per week position. Salary is $14-$20 per hr. based on experience and includes benefits. There is some opportunity to work remotely, but applicant needs to be available to meet with the Executive Director in North Bennington , VT office and/or Boston / Cambridge , Ma as needed. (We are willing to accept qualified applicants living in New England States who can travel to meetings as needed) This job requires 15- 25 days per year of traveling within the New England region.

To apply, please send a cover letter, two work references and a resume to Iona Woolmington, Program Assistant, at ionawoolmington@gmail.com, For More Information, please visit our web site at www.artsandhealing.net

The Program Assistant position starts April 1 2010

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Artist studio for rent: $250 a month

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Artist studio for rent: $250 a month , utilities included, for a 16’ x 14’  space in the South County Art Association Helme House, an historic building at             2587 Kingstown Rd., Kingston, Rhode Island, near the entrance to URI.  Offers large windows, wood floors, fireplace with mantle, easy parking, and month to month rent. Shared bathrooms and kitchen. A clean and quiet space for artist use only; no live-ins and no smoking. Please stop by from 1- 5 pm, Wednesday through Sunday to view the space.  Call (401) 783-2195 for more information, or email us at socart@verizon.net.

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, Places & Things: Call To Artists’

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Time: April 17, 2010 at 1pm to April 18, 2010 at 4pm
Location: Hope Gallery
Street: 435 Hope St
City/Town: Bristol
Website or Map: http://www.hopegalleryfineart…
Phone: (401) 396-9117
Actual work presented for jury: Saturday, April 17 & Sunday, April 18, 2010 – 1:00 PM to 4 PM
Original artwork in 2D media only; oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, graphite, original prints, mixed media, etc. no photography. Art work must be within the exhibit theme to be accepted for review. Work previously shown at Hope Gallery will not be accepted. All work must be ready to hang: clips, loops and saw-tooth hangers are not acceptable and the art must not measure more than 14” x 24” including frame outside dimensions. Artists must be at least 18 years old. Works must be within the last 2 – 4 years. All work must be for sale. Three entries allowed per artist; $25 entry fee. Gallery takes a 30% commission upon sale of art.
Juror: Carol Strause Fitzsimonds
Artists notified by E-mail or phone of acceptance: Monday, April 19, 2010
Cash Award:First Place

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SHOOT Films casting for next film ‘Jamestown Zombie Massacre’

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

SHOOT Films casting for next film ‘Jamestown Zombie Massacre’.
Principle photography will start mid- March.
Casting for following roles:

Jamestown Zombie Massacre
Mark: M Kid 16-17 Leader, Smart, knows what he’s doing
Ben: M 16-17 funny stupid doesn’t care that much, childish and immature
Katie: F 16-17 Scared skeptical
George: M 40-50 Scruffy war vet, has guns, says what he wants, Bad to the bone
Rupert: 18+ M Strong scary looking henchman
Boris: 18+ M Creepy crazy psycho

M/F zombies 10x – Zombies who die
Guy who gets mail  – 20M

Casting Call is Wednesday March 3, at 4:30 p.m. at the Boys & Girls Club. 95 Church Street Newport, RI. We are also looking for crew to help film, etc. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We are also seeking Production Crew. Anyone interested in learning more about Film Production is encouraged to attend.

All are welcome : ) No Experience Necessary


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Monday, February 22nd, 2010
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News From The Arts & Cultural Alliance Of Newport County

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


Following on the footsteps of our recently conducted “Finance for Artists” workshop, the ACA is now pleased to offer local artists and artisans a chance to tackle their income tax, record keeping and other financial planning issues with the help of Tim Tobin, Senior Tax Advisor with H Block.

Tobin, who has worked for several years as Operations Manager for George Wein’s Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals, has 13 years experience with tax questions.  He will cover accurate record keeping for self employed artists; tax filing using Schedule C, along with 2009 tax law changes and how they affect your return; how to determine the status of your art as a hobby or a business and financial planning issues such as health savings accounts and retirement plans.  The workshop will include an explanation of the benefits of RI’s  tax free arts districts.  Tobin will also answer individual tax questions as time allows.

Date: Thursday, February 25
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Preservation Society Headquarters
424 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI


RSVP: to info@newportarts.org
Attendance limited!

* There is no cost for participation, but contributions and your membership in the ACA are always welcome.

Join your fellow artists, performers, writers and art lovers at the Clarke Cooke House on Banister’s Wharf in Newport and welcome this month’s special guest, Katie Dyer, head of the Newport Gallery Organization — those wonderful folks who bring us Newport Gallery Nights  each month.   

A reminder: Arts Around the Fire takes place the fourth Tuesday of each month during the winter. Mark your calendars  join us!

Our February gathering: Date:        Tuesday, February 23
Time:        6-8pm
Location: Clarke Cooke House
                  Banisters Wharf, Newport UTTERLY INFORMAL, no reservations needed. Cash Bar. Appetizers compliments of the Clarke Cooke House

APRIL 17 -25, 2010

The ACA, in conjunction with Newport County’s many art galleries, performing companies, schools, museums and artists will be hosting  SPRING INTO ART
, April 17-25 (during Spring Break) throughout  our county. In order to participate, you will need to submit your information, including- date, time- address- phone contact
- name of event/program- cost (if any)
Send to info@newportarts.org
Participation is FREE!*
* There is no cost for participation, but contributions and your membership in the ACA are always welcome.

Watch for more information on your local Cox Community Channel on March 3.

2nd Annual


BridgeFest to run August 1-5, 2010

The Arts  Cultural Alliance of Newport County created BridgeFest to BRIDGE our iconic Newport Folk Festival and Newport Jazz Festival thereby giving music enthusiasts a reason to stay and locals a reason to come to town during the entire week.
 Now music aficionados of all stripes will enjoy Newport’s exciting local music scene and music related activities!

If you are a Newport County venue that would like to keep the music going during BridgeFest week, contact the ACA at info@newportarts.org. There is no cost for participation, but contributions and your membership in the ACA is always welcome. Let us also know if you’d like to join our ACA planning committee.



The new Rhode Island on-line calendar allows individual artists, galleries,  performing arts organization the opportunity to post your upcoming events free of charge. Click here  for more information.



The ACA is always looking for passionate art lovers to assist in our upcoming 2010 events such as our “Arts in April” celebration and our second annual “BridgeFest ’10.” And of course, there’s always an opening on our Board of Directors for those willing to commit their time, enthusiasm and energy to our “Force for Good.”

If interested, e mail us  and let us know of your interests and how we can contact you.


  • Invitations to ACA workshops on issues pertaining to arts  culture in our community
  • SPLASH! e-grams, with information about your ACA and arts related activities.
  • Invitations to special gallery openings
  • An information source for arts related news and legislation
  • Invitations to our “Arts Around the Fire” – an utterly informal social gathering on Tuesday evenings during the winter season
  • Investing in arts preservation and promotion within our community
  • Inclusion in our ACA on-line Directory with a link to your website (coming soon)
  • Opportunities to feature your event/activity in SPLASH! (coming soon)
  • Free listings of your upcoming events and activities on The RI Arts Calendar
  • Ability to meet and network with working artists throughout Newport County
  • Use of the ACA’s 501 3-C NON-PROFIT status for grants and fellowship applications

And now, for a limited time, all artists who fill out our interest survey will receive a FREE membership in the Alliance. There’s no better deal than free, right?

Just log on here  and fill out our brief survey

You can now also follow ACA activities and happenings by becoming an ACA “friend” on Facebook by clicking here   

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The Lt. Governor at New Urban Arts

Friday, February 19th, 2010

The text from New Urban Arts says it all (click on the link above). Thanks to the Lt. Governor and all the fine artists she will be visiting over the next few weeks…

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Flash Fiction Contest

Thursday, February 18th, 2010




     The Rhode Island Writers’ Circle, a nonprofit, charitable center for emerging and professional writers since 1993, has invited Randall Albers, Chair of the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois, to be the final judge for their national flash fiction contest.  Dr. Albers’ long and distinguished career as an author and professor of creative writing is well known throughout the academic and professional community. Submissions should be sent to The Writers’ Circle, 1087 Warwick Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island, 02888.  The contest is open now through June 10, 2010.  First prize is $500 dollars with publication in The Writers’ Circle Anthology and on their web site.  Additional awards will also include Artistic Merit Nominees. All entrants will be

considered for publication.  For submission guidelines and rules see the web page at

www.riwriterscircle.com and for more information e-mail thewriterscircle@aol.com or call 401-461-6691.

        Contest guidelines are:

         1.  The author must send a cover letter with all contact information and a signed release to read the author’s submission. Send unpublished work, only.

         2.   Mail documents to The Writers’ Circle, 1087 Warwick Avenue. Warwick, RI.  02888.

         3.   To confirm arrival, include a self addressed stamped post card. 

         4.   The word count is 1000 words or less.

         5.   Double space your story, on white paper and staple together.

         6.   2 entries allowed; the title must appear on each page.

         7.   Administrative fee: $10 dollars is assessed for each; the check is payable to The Writers’ Circle, Inc..

         8.   Submissions are returned with a self addressed stamped envelope.

         9.   The final deadline is June 10, 2010. 

        10.  Notification will be August 2010.

        11.  Winners will be announced in the national press.

        12.  First Prize: $500 dollars with publication in an anthology and on the web page. 

        13.  Artistic Merit Nominations will also be noted.

        14.  All entrants will be considered for publication.

        For more information go to www.riwriterscircle.com, 401-461-6691, thewriterscircle@aol.com.

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Writers’ Circle Book Party

Thursday, February 18th, 2010


     The Writers’ Circle 2010 anthology featuring drama,
fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry will hold a book
signing party Sunday, March 21, 1:00 p.m. at Borders
Books at the Providence Place Mall.  For more information
call 401-461-6691 or e-mail thewriterscircle@aol.com.
      Editor John Kotula recently reviewed the new offering,
and said, “The anthology had me at the first line. I started
on page one and read straight through it like a novel.
Surprise and delight were the editorial imperatives for this
anthology.  You never know whom you are going to run
into when you turn the corner…These stories, whether real
or imagined, presented as dialogue in a script or stanzas
of poetry, are told in language that is revelatory…they
make you see things in a new way. The contributors are
passionate about about telling their story.  The collection
is intimate, immediate, sometimes serious, sometimes
funny, once in a while scary, a little sad from time to time,
and frequently sexy.”                                                                       Cover by David Pearson
      Celebrated author Jon Land will kick off the event of original live music, short readings of fiction
and poetry from the book, along with a photography exhibit, café refreshments and the authors’ table,
where soft cover books can be purchased for $21.50.  Authors featured in the anthology are: Bob
Colonna, Robert Levinson, Jon Land, Susan Bergeron, Dorothy Clark, Charles Greaves, David Howard,
Ashley O’Brien, Sally Sanford, Marcia Taylor, Charles Whitin, Mike Fink, Nellie Fagen, Robert
Mariani, James Marlow, Celest Martin, Patricia Pierannunzi, Martha Collins, Carol Anderheggen, Nancy
Brown, Tom Chandler, Lisa Christine, Jack Coulehan, Diane Dolphin, Lawrence Krips, Silent Lotus,
Michael Mack, Brett Rutherford, Michael Sheff, Lisa Starr, Christopher Stewart, and Heather Sullivan.


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Thursday, February 18th, 2010

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The 2010 RISCA Fellowship Exhibition Writers Night

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Presents:

The 2010 RISCA Fellowship Exhibition Writers Night


Free and open to the public
 Imago Gallery, 36 Market St, Warren RI
Friday, February 19th, 6:30-8:00pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
(Gallery opens at 4:00 pm)
Readings by:
Fiction Fellowship Merit Award Winner Alison Bundy
Playwriting Fellowship Award Winner Laura Colella
Playwriting Fellowship Merit Award Winner Leigh Medeiros
Poetry Fellowship Merit Award Winner Julie Danho O’Connell
Fiction and Poetry Fellowship Award Winner Michael Stewart
Music by:
Jose Fernandes, Folk Arts Fellowship Award Winner and Duarte Borges.
     For more information call RISCA at 222-3881, or email cristina@arts.ri.gov

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Call For Artists

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

RIPTA will accept proposals for a custom bus shelter on

Charles Street

. The goal of this project is to enhance the experience of those traveling through

Charles Street

business district by providing seating and shelter from the weather while introducing unique design elements to the streetscape environment. Proposals are due March 18, 2010. All interested parties should contact RIPTA directly to discuss bidding process. All design, materials, installation and permitting not to exceed $49,999. 

Scope of Work attached. If you are interested in this project, the full RFP is available at https://www.purchasing.ri.gov/RIVIP/ExternalBids/QuasiPublicAgencies/RIP…

The RIPTA staff is eager to answer any and all questions from interested bidders – contact balmonte@ripta.com directly. 


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