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Congrats to Daniel Kertzner, RI Foundation’s new VP for Grant Programs

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The Rhode Island Foundation did a great thing today in promoting our good friend and collaborator Daniel Kertzner to the position of Vice President for Grant Programs.  Daniel has done an amazing job – not just for the arts (although we love him for that), but for all non-profits – and we wish him every success in his new position.

The press announcement from the Rhode Island Foundation follows:

Daniel Kertzner appointed vice president for grant programs

Daniel with Rocco Landesman
Daniel Kertzner (right) with Rocco Landesman, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

Neil Steinberg, president and CEO of The Rhode Island Foundation, announced today that after a national search, Daniel Kertzner, grant programs officer, has been appointed vice president for grant programs.

“Daniel’s knowledge of the nonprofit sector and his passion for Rhode Island make him an ideal choice for this position. The Foundation is committed to strengthening the state’s nonprofit organizations, which continue to serve so many Rhode Islanders at this time of unprecedented need in our state. Our grantmaking seeks to focus on impact and assist these organizations so that they will achieve long term solutions to the challenges we face. I am pleased that Daniel will be leading our efforts in his new role,” said Steinberg.

Daniel joined the Foundation in February 2007 as grant programs officer for the arts sector. He has more than 14 years of experience working in nonprofit administration and management. Prior to joining the Foundation, Daniel served as program manager for the Massachusetts Cultural Council in Boston. A resident of Providence, he graduated from Brown University.


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Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

BUDGET: $270,000

Artwork for the façade of the Intermodal Station Parking Garage at T. F. Green Airport, 700 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, RI, will be commissioned through Rhode Island’s Public Art Law, which mandates that 1% of all state capital construction and renovation funds be allocated to the purchase and maintenance of public art. Through this program the State recognizes that “public art creates a more humane environment: one of distinction, enjoyment, and pride for all citizens.”


The Rhode Island Airport Corporation, (RIAC), operates T.F. Green Airport and the five general aviation airports in Rhode Island. A long-time supporter of public art in Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Airport Corporation has worked with the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts on a number of public art commissions for T. F. Green. The airport is centrally located just off of Interstate 95 in Warwick, Rhode Island and serves not only Rhode Island but also Southeastern Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is responsible for a diverse transportation system of more than 1,100 miles of roads and approximately 800 bridges that provides a variety of convenient, cost-effective mobility opportunities for people and the movement of goods to support economic development and improved quality of life.

Established in 1967, the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA) is charged by the state legislature to stimulate public interest and participation in the arts and to serve as the liaison to the state arts community.


The Interlink at T. F. Green Airport in Warwick officially opened on October 27, 2010. It offers multiple transportation alternatives, including a consolidated rental car facility serving the airport, local RI Public Transportation Authority bus service and Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority commuter rail service to Providence and Boston.
The Warwick Station District is a redevelopment opportunity of important statewide significance, bringing jobs and strengthening Rhode Island’s economy. The District centers around an intermodal facility that is unique in the United States, one which connects an airport, Amtrak and Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority service on the Northeast rail corridor, buses, Interstate I-95 and car rental agencies under one roof.
The City of Warwick and the RI Economic Development Corporation are working together with local property owners to brand and market this district in order to enable the development of a new transit village which will include hotels, offices, commercial buildings, condominiums and apartments at an urban, pedestrian-oriented scale. The District is expected to attract several hundred million dollars in development over the next decade

The Intermodal Parking Garage is a 6 level parking garage with approximately 1,800 parking spaces for rental car operators and 640 parking spaces for rail commuters. It includes a 1,200-foot, elevated, enclosed, skywalk, with moving walkways to help passengers move to and from T.F. Green Airport.
Only the facade of the garage is under consideration for a public art commission. Along Jefferson Blvd, this face is 463’-2” long. The elevation of the garage is 75’-2” above grade along Jefferson Boulevard.
A goal of the project is to make the greatest positive visual impact on this particular façade.
Proper ventilation of parking garages is mandated. Artists will be expected to design and produce a commission that meets prescribed standards. The Garage is designed as an “Open Parking Garage” per the Building Code. For natural ventilation purposes, the exterior sides of the structure shall have uniformly distributed openings. For a site to be considered “open”, the total area of openings along the side shall not be less than 50% of the interior area of the side at each tier and such openings shall be equally distributed along the length of the tier. The present condition is at the threshold required by code. The existing open area, therefore, may not be impeded. Consequently, all installations need to be placed either:

• In front of the existing solid surfaces (concrete, glass, etc.) only.
• Where installed over existing open areas, the installations must be installed away from openings a distance equal to or greater than the maximum dimension of the obstruction.

The proposed installation will need to receive a building permit and provide proof that the “open garage” requirement for ventilation is not violated.

On Wednesday, October 5th, panelists met on site to discuss the commission. The following are items that were introduced:

• The site just to the south will be a mixed use development which would include hotel, office and commercial space. It is owned by D’Ambra Construction, a RI construction company. An exact date of construction has not yet been announced.
• Ultimately, the City hopes that the Elizabeth Mill across the street from the garage will become residential lofts or a mixed use restoration. This mill provided employment for scores of immigrants in the 19th century.
• The City discussed the Master Plan for the District and provided a brief overview of the history of the area: http://www.warwickri.gov/pdfs/planning/WSRDMasterPlanAUGUST2011.pdf
• RISCA and the panel are interested in broadening the distribution of the RFQ in an attempt to reach minority and low-income artists. Please forward this RFQ widely.
• Rather than introduce specific content areas, the panel feels that the RFQ should remain broad. They are interested in seeing what artists will present.
• Rhode Island State Governor Chafee is committed to creating a new identity for the district. It is hoped that this public art commission will help with that effort.
• The panel is committed to the purchase of one commission.
• Freestanding work may be considered if it is of sufficient height.


Please note: This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is the first step in the public art selection process.

RISCA will conduct the Intermodal Station Parking Garage application process online, with all materials submitted in digital format through CaFÉ (see below). There is no charge to the artist for applying or for submitting digital images. At this preliminary selection stage, we are requesting submissions from artists or art teams consisting of six (6) images representing current work (completed within the past ten years), resumes, and very brief descriptions of potential site-specific proposals.

If an artist wants to apply as an individual as well as part of a team, two separate CaFÉ profiles and two separate CaFÉ applications must be completed (i.e., one application submission for you and one application submission for your team).

Applications consisting of six images, answers to designated questions, and resumes will be reviewed by the public art selection panel to assess the quality and appropriateness of the artist’s work, interest in their proposal idea, and the artist’s ability to carry out a substantial public art commission.

Applicants are asked only to provide a short description of their proposal for artwork at the site along with a rough outline of expenses for the design and construction totaling no more than $270,000. Three finalists will be selected from the pool of RFQ applicants and those finalists will craft detailed proposals including an itemized budget, scale models and renderings, and an in-depth project description. For this they will each be paid an honorarium of $2,500. This stipend includes all travel expenses: hotel, transportation, mileage, etc., for both the site visit and the subsequent presentation meeting. Finalists will not be reimbursed separately for any travel costs.

No slides or hard copy materials will be accepted for this call. First time CaFÉ applicants must allow enough time to prepare their CaFÉ formatted digital images and electronic submission prior to the deadline. CaFÉ surveys have shown that it takes approximately 2-4 hours to prepare images and submit an online application, dependent on a variety of factors.

Each application must be submitted via the CaFÉ ™ web site (www.callforentry.org) and must include:

1. A current resume for each artist. If you are applying as a team, include all team member resumes within one document.

2. Six digital images of relevant artwork. In the Description of Image, accompanying image annotation must list media, size, title, date of completion and a brief description of the artwork if necessary. Please do not present more than one view of artwork per image. If you wish to show a “detail”, include it within the six (6) artwork images.

3. A written statement, not to exceed 3,000 characters, that addresses the artist’s/team’s preliminary concept or potential approach for creating site-specific public art for the Intermodal Station Parking Garage as well as the proposed project budget. The artist’s budget must list artist’s team commission fees, anticipated cost of the installed work, and anticipated administrative costs.


December 15, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. (E.S.T.) Deadline for submissions
Early January 2012: panel meeting for selection of finalists
Early January 2012: Artist notification
Late January 2012: Finalist site visits
February 2012: Finalist presentations to selection panel; panel selects artist
March, 2012: Final approval by RISCA Council
TBD: Contract signed
TBD: Work installed and completed

According to law, final recommendations of the selection panel will be presented to the governing council of the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts who will have final approval of the public art selection.

Finalist’s site-specific proposals should convey artist’s ideas and plans through designs, renderings and/or scale models with a statement that describes the project’s intent, proposed materials, fabrication and installation methods, and an itemized budget. Artists chosen as finalists are also asked to explain how their artwork will be sourced and fabricated. The finalists will be supplied with plans, photographs, and specific information about the Intermodal Station Parking Garage. A site visit as well as a meeting with the architect and the Intermodal administration will be scheduled for the finalists. An honorarium of $2,500 will be awarded to the finalists following presentation of their proposals. The proposals will remain the property of the artist. However, RISCA reserves the right to retain proposals for up to one year for display purposes and the right to reproduce final proposals for documentation and public information purposes.

The Public Art Selection Panel reserves the right to determine which proposal will be funded and the extent of funding. The panel also reserves the right to not accept any final proposal submitted. If the recommendations of the Public Art Selection Panel are approved by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, the selected artist/s will enter into a contract with the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts for the selected commission. The accepted artwork will be owned and maintained by the State of Rhode Island.

The commission process can be lengthy. It is within the purview of RISCA and the other commissioning agencies to request changes in the original proposal.


The panel will select the artist based on the following criteria:

1. Artistic Quality: Quality and suitability of the final proposal in relation to the project description, program goals and site descriptions.

2. Ability of the Artist/Artist Team: The artist’s ability to carry out the commission, to keep the project within budget and to complete and install the work on schedule.

3. Value: The quality and scope of the proposed completed work in relation to the commission and fees paid to the artist/artist’s team.

4. Durability of the Work: Permanence and durability of materials for this heavily used public facility. It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that all artwork meets safety standards, adheres to building codes and other state regulations. Artworks must be durable and require minimal maintenance.

5. Collaborative Spirit: Willingness of the artist to consult with community members, the architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, general contractor and building staff (or designated representatives) to assure smooth integration of the artwork into the site and to make necessary adjustments in relation to building codes and other construction issues.


This call is open to all artists. Applications may be submitted individually or in collaboration with others. The panel will not discriminate against any applicant artist on the basis of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or physical challenges.
Excluded from participation are RISCA Council members, staff and their family members as well as Public Art Selection Panel members and their families.

If you have questions about the RFQ, email Elizabeth Keithline: Elizabeth.Keithline@arts.ri.gov. If you require technical support for CAFÉ, please email cafe@westaf.org

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Call for Papers:Int’l Sculpture Ctr, Chicago 2012

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The ISC is seeking papers for the 23rd International Sculpture Conference: Process, Patron and Public, in Chicago, October 4-6, 2012.

All are welcome to submit abstracts!

The Conference will address these three phases of sculpture: creation, support and reception in the contemporary art world. This conference is for an audience of artists, patrons, curators, students and the sculpture community at large.

23rd International Sculpture Conference Topics Include:
The Transformative Nature of Sculpture on an Urban Community
Public Art: Alternative Models
How can Architects and Sculptors Work Together?
Experimental, Artist-Initiated and Alternative Curating
Relevance of the Gallery Systems: Galleries, the Internet and Art Fairs in a Changing Market
Ideation and Process
Alternate Topics Addressing Process, Patron and Public in Sculpture

International Sculpture Center | 19 Fairgrounds Rd | Suite B | Hamilton | NJ | 08619

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Call For Entry: Public Art In Amherst

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Deadline: December 10, 2011
Amherst, MA – riverscaping/alles am fluss RFP: international and northeastern US public realm/public art/design-build competition on the Connecticut River in Massachusetts Eligibility and Awards
1. Four $7,500 public art projects for artists from the Northeast
2. One $2,000 proposal / Experimental Honors Design Award open to designers/artists/teams internationally.
Project Summary
rethinking art, environment and community / kunst – umwelt – nachbarschaft neu denken
The objective of this competition staged in towns near Amherst, MA on the Connecticut River
Consultant: Urban Arts Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Thom Long, tlong@hampshire.edu or 413 559 5376
Angela Russo angela@riverscaping.org
Background information, RFP and entry form at www.riverscaping.org
RFP and entry form also available at www.urbanartsinstitute.org
– click on Opportunities.

Christina Lanzl | Urban Arts Institute | Massachusetts College of Art and Design | 621 Huntington Ave. | Boston, MA 02115-5801 | 617.879.7973 | www.urbanartsinstitute.org

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Call For Entry: Photo Nights Boston

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Deadline: Friday, February 3, 2012
Boston is one of the few urban centers in the United States whose historic buildings share equal space and prominence with more modern constructions within the city. Photo Nights Boston seeks to draw attention to these landmark buildings with large-scale outdoor projections. As part of Photo Nights Boston’s October 2012 public art event, an artist will be selected to design and produce a photography-based work of public art as a focal point for the program.
Eligibility: Open to artists 18 years of age or older with no geographic restriction.
Budget: Finalists will receive a $1,000 proposal development fee. The project budget is $10,000.
Consultant: Urban Arts Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Contact: Ricardo D. Barreto, Director, UrbanArts
For general inquiries regarding Photo Nights Boston, please contact:
Katie Noble, Executive Director
Photo Nights Boston
URL: www.urbanartsinstitute.org – click on Opportunities

Christina Lanzl | Urban Arts Institute | Massachusetts College of Art and Design | 621 Huntington Ave. | Boston, MA 02115-5801 | 617.879.7973 | www.urbanartsinstitute.org

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Submit Your Art, Music/Spoken Word and Film for the 4th Annual SENE Festival

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

The 4th Annual 5-Day SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival takes place April 11-15, 2012.  Film submissions are being accepted through December 15.   For details on submitting all forms of artwork go to http://www.senefest.com/SENEHome.aspx

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Brown students review RISCA budget/operations

Monday, November 28th, 2011

For the past several years RISCA has met with a group of students from Brown University who are assigned to review our budget and programs as a “case study” in government operations.  It’s good for the students to get to know a small (but very active!) state agency, and it’s been a terrific learning experience for us as well.

This year’s group of students is pictured above.  They are (from left to right)

Wonyong Shim Seoul, S. Korea; Matt Doyle Fairfield, Connecticut; Zeying Wang Guangzhou, China; Jennifer Boulay, Fall River, MA; and Laura Thomas Greenville, South Carolina.

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at RISCA

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

May you have a happy and healthy holiday. Every best wish from all of us here at the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts


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New England States Touring (NEST) grant and a Meet the Composer/New England grants December 1

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

The next deadline for both a New England States Touring (NEST) grant and a Meet the Composer/New England grant is December 1, 2011.

NEFA’s NEST grant program provides support to nonprofit organizations based in New England for community-related activities by select New England performing artists from outside of the presenter’s state. Click for details and to apply. 

Nonprofit organizations in New England may apply for Meet the Composer/New England. Eligible projects encompass the full range of music composition, including jazz, classical, and songwriting. Click for details and to apply.

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A nice “arts and tourism” publication courtesy of Leadership Rhode Island

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

I had a meeting in my office the other day with Julie Meyers, a member of the Leadership Rhode Island 2011 class, and a member of a team that produced a nice looking publication as part of their team project.

The publication, entitled “Exploring the Arts & Culture in Rhode Island… the Beautiful Ocean State,” is a nice compilation of some significant cultural icons in Rhode Island (Waterfire, Newport Folk Festival, Christmas in Newport, etc.) and some of their arts, cultural and culinary neighbors.

Click here to download your very own copy of “Exploring the Arts & Culture in Rhode Island”, and many thanks to Julie and her teammates Henrietta White-Holder, Robert Shawver, Laura Calenda, Katy Hynes and Andy Nota!

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New England States Touring & Meet the Composer/New England

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Application Deadline: December 1

Adrienne Petrillo
Program Manager, Presenting & Touring
617.951.0010 x527

new staff contact!
Elizabeth Bouchard
Program Coordinator,
Presenting & Touring
617.951.0010 x516

Read more about NEFA.


The next deadline for both a New England States Touring (NEST) grant and a Meet the Composer/New England grant is December 1, 2011.

NEFA’s NEST grant program provides support to nonprofit organizations based in New England for community-related activities by select New England performing artists from outside of the presenter’s state. Click for details and to apply.

Nonprofit organizations in New England may apply for Meet the Composer/New England. Eligible projects encompass the full range of music composition, including jazz, classical, and songwriting. Click for details and to apply.

NEFA’s New England States Touring program is made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts Regional Touring Program and the six New England state arts agencies.

Funding for Meet the Composer/New England is provided by the MetLife Creative Connections Program of Meet the Composer, Inc., the six New England state arts agencies and the National Endowment for the Arts.

New England Foundation for the Arts | 145 Tremont Street, 7th Floor | Boston | MA | 02111

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Call for participants in art project

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
We got the following request from an artist in Maine…

Call for participants in art project
Artist Lauren Gillette, is looking for participants in a project entitled “THINGS I DID”. Participants are asked to supply the artist with a list of five ‘things they have done’ over the course of a lifetime. Each of the lists will function as a portrait of the person who supplied it. No face to face contact is necessary, participants can simply e-mail the list to the address below.  Please refer to www.thingsididproject.blogspot.com for more information.
In your e-mail, please include the following;
First name
Return E-mail address
List of five things you have done.
Lists can be emailed to Lauren at lulu329@maine.rr.com
Thanks for your participation, and please check out Lauren’s work LaurenGillette.com
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Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) – Arts Administration and Art History

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Simmons College
300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115


The Department of Art & Music seeks a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Arts Administration and Art History to begin in the fall of 2012. We seek an innovative educator and practicing Arts Administrator to direct the program in Arts Administration at Simmons College. The ideal candidate will possess a grounding in the liberal arts tradition, a broad range of experience within the arts community, a genuine commitment to diversity and a desire to work with undergraduates in all majors to bring fresh ideas and energy to the study of art and culture in the 21st century. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of three years experience in the arts administration field and demonstrated success in teaching relevant courses at the college level. Teaching responsibilities require the candidate to teach five courses per year and supervise an established internship and independent study program. The candidate is expected to teach the core and capstone requirements for Arts Administration, AADM 143 and AADM 390, every year; and the New York Institute in Arts Administration, AADM 236, a month-long program in New York, every other year. For the remaining courses, the candidate will be encouraged to develop special topics courses in arts administration and teach two or three art history courses on a rotating basis with preference in African and/or Latin American Art. Experience teaching adult learners in addition to the traditional undergraduate population preferred, as well as an interest in online course design and delivery. The position offers the opportunity to shape an innovative, multi-cultural curriculum for the Arts Administration program in conjunction with art history, studio art, and music combined with courses in the departments of communication and management. The continued creative development of the program also calls for a professional arts administrator and scholar both within and beyond the College, with a focus on the cultural communities of Boston and New York.  


Candidates should have a Ph.D. in art history or M.A. in arts administration or M.F.A., 3-5 years experience in arts administration, and 3-5 years college teaching experience.  


How To Apply:
To apply, please submit cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy including a discussion of the place of arts administration in the undergraduate curriculum, relevant syllabi, publications or documentation related to professional scholarship, and names and contact information for three references. Application deadline: Review of applications will begin December 12, 2011 and continue until position is filled. Simmons College is committed to excellence in education and employment through diversity. Please submit the above materials electronically to http://jobs.simmons.edu AND in hard copy to: Margaret Hanni, Chair, Arts Administration Search Committee, Department of Art & Music, Simmons College, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115  


Apply by:





Date Posted:


About this Organization:
We are the Department of Art and Music at Simmons College, and The Trustman Art Gallery, which features 6 exhibitions per year of contemporary art. We offer majors in Art (studio and history), Music and Arts Administration. 
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Contemporary Media Artist, Tenure Track

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Organization: Massachusetts College of Art and Design
621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115


The Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) Department is seeking a highly motivated Contemporary Media Artist for a full-time, tenure track position beginning Fall, 2012. SIM is a multimedia program with a strong emphasis on critique, conceptual foundations, student volition, and individualized advising. Students work in all media, with a concentration on interdisciplinary practice and innovative technologies. Please visit http://sim.massart.edu for more information about the department. This position is part of a highly collaborative, innovative and flexible team of faculty that shares long-term department and facilities planning, student advising and interdisciplinary curricular design. The position includes teaching responsibilities in a team-taught Major Studio class comprised of weekly student-run presentations and productions where students select, schedule and technically support their colleagues’ presentations in all media. This position includes teaching elective courses already in circulation as well as other courses to be proposed based on the candidate’s expertise. Additional duties include individualized advising, review boards, and long-term interdisciplinary curricular design and planning. This position is accountable for ensuring that affirmative action, equal opportunity and diversity are integrally tied to all actions and decisions for which they are responsible and which fall within the scope of the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/Diversity Plan. Position includes administrative and departmental responsibilities. Massachusetts College of Art and Design Studio For Interrelated Media (SIM) Department Established in 1873, Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) was the first and remains the only freestanding public college of art and design in the US. The college is nationally known for offering broad access to a quality professional arts education, accompanied by a strong general education in the liberal arts. A major cultural force in Boston, MassArt offers public programs of innovative exhibitions, lectures and events. Review of applications will begin December 1, 2011. Position will remain open until filled. Applicants are required to submit cover letter, CV, URLs if available, and statement of teaching philosophy to : https://careers.massart.edu DO NOT SEND PORTFOLIO MATERIALS OR RECOMMENDATIONS UNLESS REQUESTED BY THE SEARCH COMMITTEE. 


REQUIRED MINIMUM: A candidate should have at least 3 years of teaching experience in interdisciplinary artistic practice, not including teaching assistant positions. The candidate should possess a demonstrated commitment towards shared leadership, collegiality, interactive teaching, and advising a diverse student body. In addition, the candidate should have a strong portfolio and professional practice with a solid conceptual base. He/she should have multi-disciplinary knowledge (including some combination of the following – interactive media, light art, video, sound, live performance, installation, conceptual practice). Candidates should have a passionate interest in evolving a contemporary experimental/interdisciplinary arts program in a team-taught collaborative environment. MFA or equivalent degree is required. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Expertise with web-based applications, computer programming, and live performance technologies is a plus. 


How To Apply:
Please apply through our website: http://careers.massart.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=50745 


Apply by:


commensurate with experience  



Date Posted:


About this Organization:
Founded in Boston in 1873, Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt)is the only independent public university of art and design in the US. The university enrolls approximately 1800 undergraduate students in 22 disciplines and 195 graduate students in top-ranked MFA programs, M.Arch, and Art Education program. 

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Silk Road Connect Teaching Artist

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011
Organization: Silk Road Project, 175 North Harvard Street, Boston, MA 02134



The Silk Road Project is currently accepting applications for the contracted position of Teaching Artist between January and June of 2012. Teaching Artists from a variety of disciplines visit public schools in the Boston area and collaborate with educators and Silk Road Project staff. Silk Road Connect Teaching Artists create visits that bring the 6th grade social studies curriculum to life and offer points of integration for other subjects. Some topics include Ancient Civilizations, rivers, fractions, geography, and the human body. Through music, visual art, dance and other art forms, students explore learning goals related to Journeys, Storytelling, Perspective-taking, and Traditions. At this time, we are looking for 3-4 teaching artists to visit schools in 2012. Musicians from regions along the Silk Road, and dancers and visual artists who incorporate aspects of the Silk Road into their work, are encouraged to apply. Selected candidates will be invited for a “Teaching Audition” on Friday, Dec 2. For more information, please navigate to www.silkroadproject.org 


Established teaching artist with record of excellence in both art and teaching. Experience collaborating with educators and artists in other disciplines. Willingness to learn in public, document TA visit, and share with others. Must be available Dec 2 to audition, mid-January for orientation/meetings, and to visit schools between February-March for 1-2 consecutive days of teaching. Possibility of working with schools in May-June on a performance. At this time, we are only looking for artists who can build lessons that address 6th grade Massachusetts curriculum and the Silk Road Connect Learning Goals. Artists should be local to the Boston area as there are no stipends available for travel.  


How To Apply:
Resumes (or CV’s) should address relevant teaching and artistic experience and list email and phone contact information for 3 references. Your cover letter should briefly address the following: •Experience working as a teaching artist •Settings and populations you have experience with •Examples of collaboration (as an educator or artist) •How your experience connects to the Silk Road or fits any of the topics or learning goals mentioned above. Selected candidates will be asked for a 10-15 minute “Teaching Audition” on Friday afternoon, December 2. You must be available on this date to apply. Please submit a resume and cover letter via email to Allison Trombley at education[at]silkroadproject.org. The deadline is Monday, November 28 at 5:00 PM for all applications. You may include links to works, but please no supplemental materials.  


Apply by:


Contracted based on number of classrooms 



Date Posted:


Additional job listings for this organization can be found at:



About this Organization:
Inspired by the cultural traditions of the historical Silk Road, the Silk Road Project is a catalyst promoting innovation and learning through the arts. Our vision is to connect the world’s neighborhoods by bringing together artists and audiences around the globe. 


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Int’l Sculpture Center Lecture At Princeton 12/6/11

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Join the ISC at Princeton University Art Museum
for a Lecture by Thomas Hirschhorn

This is a FREE event, there is no registration required.

Thomas Hirschhorn is the Princeton Art Museum’s 2011-2012 Sarah Elson,
Class of 1984, International Artist in Residence. A reception will follow the lecture.

Date of Event: December 6, 2011
Time of Event: 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Location: Princeton University Art Museum
Princeton, New Jersey 08542

For more information on ISConnects programs visit www.sculpture.org/isconnects
or call 609.689.1051, ext 302

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Call For Entry ArtUp

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Visit artUP.BrittenBanners.com or email us at artUP@BrittenBanners.com
Enter Online — artUP.BrittenBanners.com Files must be .JPEG or .PDF,
and 1 MB max. All others will not be accepted. A large-format file will be
required for Exhibitionists and Grand Prize Winners.
Enter Now! All entries are due on or before December 28, 2011.
We Want You! This is a completely open competition, regardless of your
age, skill-level or creative experience. Britten created artUP for you, and
we just want you to participate!
Yes, There is an Entry Fee — But only $20 for the first entry, $10 for
each additional entry. Just think of it as your one-time gallery fee.
Contest Criteria: Highlight Individual Elements of Your Creativity.
In the world of large format printing and display, there is a need for fine
art, photographs, digital creations, logos, and more. Each of these
examples might include a modest design such as a typeface, color theme,
or background texture, used to accent and achieve the desired effect of
the completed artwork. The criteria for the selection process will be based
on the recognition of these needs in the marketplace. Regardless of the
design medium, each submitted entry will be showcased in the Artist
Marketplace for top-tier clients to apply to their own creative projects.
For entry examples, see artUP.BrittenBanners.com.
So Many Ways for You to Win:
artUP was created to connect an international
assembly of artists with our extraordinary clients
to initiate an infinite number of unique, creative
opportunities. Participation benefits do not stop
at prize money — they include display, marketing,
and continuous exposure:
Cash Prize: Yes, there will be a Grand Prize Winner —
actually three — with a total cash prize purse of $15,000.
Jurors: Britten’s worldwide exposure allows us to tap into
the most accredited art professionals in a variety of fields
and organizations. Participating in artUP gives your work
exposure to these art experts and aficionados.
Public Display: We are confident that your work looks
great in a museum, but let’s go outside the box (literally)
and get it out in the public! Britten’s nationwide services
will enable us to put up the work of the Finalists,
Exhibitionists, and Grand Prize Winners in public spaces
and large-format applications in various cities across the
United States.
The Artist Marketplace: Now, this is THE BIG DEAL. We
want to establish a tool that you can use to get your work
into the hands of professionals who can purchase and
display your artwork. Who needs to win an art competition
when a Fortune 500 company, a Bowl game, or a nationallevel
sporting event could pay you to include your work
within their branding or overall event design work? We
create the exposure, you profit based on the end-user
printing the final display through Britten.
All submitted entries will be archived and displayed in the
Artist Marketplace, and will be kept there until you say so!
Printing Incentive: If one of your images from the
Artist Marketplace is purchased and printed with Britten,
we will write you a check for 10% of the order cost.
For example, a $100 order would be $10 for you!
We want you to win, and get your artUP…
ENTRY DEADLINE December 28, 2011
What is Britten? Britten is the biggest large format printer in the
country, working with Fortune 500 corporations, national-level
sporting events and the top agencies across land.
Britten Welcomes You to be a Part of artUP —
A Unique Open Art Competition
artUP.BrittenBanners.com artUP

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Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown

Monday, November 21st, 2011
November 2011



I am writing in hopes that you will forward the information below, regarding the writing and visual arts Fellowships at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown to any visual artists or writers associated with your agency. The Fellowships are a unique and wonderful opportunity for emerging artists and writers to spend seven months working at our Cape Cod facility. 

We’d be grateful for your help in passing on word of these opportunities for artists and writers in your state.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Salvatore Scibona
Writing Coordinator

Fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts

For the last forty years, the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown has run the largest and longest residency Fellowship in the United States for emerging visual artists and writers.  Artists who have not had significant recognition for their work and writers who have not yet published a full-length book of creative work are welcome to apply.  Fellows receive a seven-month stay (October 1­­-May 1) at the Work Center and a $750 monthly stipend. Fellows do not pay or work in exchange for their fellowships in any way. Fellows are chosen based on the excellence of their work. Former visual arts Fellows include Ellen Gallagher, Jack Pierson, Lisa Yuskavage, Angela Dufresne, Geoffrey Chadsey, and Lamar Peterson.  Former writing Fellows have won every major national award in writing including the National Book Award and seven Pulitzer Prizes.  Former writing Fellows include Denis Johnson, Louise Glück, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Yusef Komunyakaa. 

The postmark deadline for the 2012-13 Writing Fellowships is December 1, 2011.

The deadline for the 2012-13 Visual Arts Fellowships is February 1, 2012.

For details, please visit:


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Monday, November 21st, 2011

Community MusicWorks is now accepting viola and cello applications for the 2012-2014 Fellowship Program. The
Fellowship Program is an opportunity to learn about our model of community-based teaching and performance. Join a
growing movement of musicians who are reimagining their careers to combine performing, teaching, and social action
in order to make an impact on their communities.
The Fellowship Program was started in 2006 to help Community MusicWorks expand its student base in Providence,
and to inspire musicians in the methodology of Community MusicWorks so they can create new programs in other
cities in the future. As part of the Fellowship, Fellows perform in a string quartet and as a member of the CMW
Players, teach instrument lessons individually and in groups, and learn about the various aspects of Community
MusicWorks’ ongoing programming in monthly seminars and by hands-on experience assisting staff with programs
and operations.
 Learn about the Community MusicWorks model for community development through music.
 Commit to the educational principles of Community MusicWorks
 Creatively teach group and individual lessons during after-school hours.
 Mentor students in musical and non-musical outings.
 Perform in concerts, benefits, workshops, and residencies as a member of the CMW Players.
 Assist with coordination of program activities as a member of the Community MusicWorks staff.
 Help organize and participate in frequent weekend community performances.
 Share administrative duties involved in running programs.
 Help build contacts for the growth of Community MusicWorks.
 Become a part of urban neighborhoods in West and South Providence.
 Attend monthly seminars to learn about the Community MusicWorks philosophy, mission, and methodology to
prepare for creating your own urban residency after completion of the Fellowship Program.
 A love for working with youth ages 6 through 18
 Experience and / or relevant interest in teaching beginning and intermediate strings
 Experience as a chamber music performer
 Excellent interpersonal skills, flexibility, and comfort working in a team
 Enthusiasm for community-based social change work
 Commitment to participate in innovative and non-traditional approaches to music education and performance
 Passion for helping to expand a nationally-recognized program
 A sense of humor
 Spanish proficiency a plus
 Having your own car strongly encouraged
Commitment: Approx. 30 hours/week, including many weekends and evenings. The stipend for this position is
$17,000/year plus health benefits. Stipend increases in the second year of the Fellowship.
Interested candidates can submit application (form available online), letter of interest, CD, and two letters of
recommendation by December 5, 2011 to: Minna Choi, Fellowship Program Director, Community MusicWorks, 1392
Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02909.
Please note, in preparing their application materials, candidates are strongly encouraged to learn more about CMW ‘s
mission, philosophy, programs, staff, history, and the surrounding communities they serve by visiting the Community
MusicWorks website at www.communitymusicworks.org.
You may submit your letter of interest and application electronically to: fellowship@communitymusicworks.org.
For more information, please call (401) 861-5650 or send an email to fellowship@communitymusicworks.org.

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On Screen/In Person is now accepting submissions for 2012-2013 tour of independent filmmakers!

Monday, November 21st, 2011
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation is seeking the best in new independent American film to tour through its On Screen/In Person program.  Selected films will be screened in communities across the mid-Atlantic region accompanied by their respective filmmakers. 

Filmmakers collaborate with host sites on the tour to develop community activities, such as  Q&As, artist talks, or workshops, among other options, to further engage audiences in the screened work. The Foundation will pay selected filmmakers a stipend for each host site visit, cover all travel and accommodation expenses, and provide a per diem.

Film submissions, including animation, documentaries, experimental and narrative work, are accepted online via Withoutabox. To submit your work or view the filmmaker guidelines, please visit On Screen/In Person at Withoutabox.com

Deadline for submission:  January 20, 2012  

Questions concerning On Screen/In Person or the submission process should be directed to Ann Turiano at ann@midatlanticarts.org

Know a filmmaker who might be interested? Please forward this email or post it to your Facebook page to help us get the word out!

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Contact Us 

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