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Greetings from Nomad/9!

Friends, you may not have heard about us yet.
We are a new MFA program with an innovative philosophy on the education of artists for these times.

  • We believe artists need an engaged, hands-on curriculum based in field work in diverse locations.
  • We know that cross-disciplinary learning is crucial for artists, including having an understanding of ecology, social practice, craft, and practical business skills.
  • We provide an open outcome curriculum so that diverse art practices are represented in our students and faculty.
  • We are committed to regenerative culture and building a world that is just, nurtures resilience, and fosters sustainable life ways.
  • We are a gathered faculty and staff with a shared set of values, and a commitment to providing a rigorous, accredited MFA made by and for artists.

As we accept applications for our second cohort of students, we thought you could help us spread the word. Our visiting artists and faculty members include John Bielenberg, Mark Dion, Christy Gast, Hope Ginsburg, Pablo Helguera, Amanda Lovelee, Ernesto Pujol, Allison Smith, Linda Weintraub, and Caroline Woolard among others. We are low residency and meet at sites in the western hemisphere.

Many of our students had given up on grad school until they found us. We are a renegade program built for times like this! We think you may know some artists who are seeking such a program.

Won’t you please help us spread the word, by forwarding this to people you think may be interested? Our admissions process is happening now, and we do have generous scholarship money to award.

For more information: http://www.nomad9mfa.org/

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