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Call to Artists – the Library Show

The Library Show, presented by notaboutthebuildings, seeks works of all media by artists who find their inspiration at the library. The Show, taking place in June 2007 at Firehouse 13, is open to patrons of any branch of the Providence Public Library. In addition to a group show, there will be readings, musical performances, and opportunities for film and video artists to present work.Work should in some way address the subject of libraries. Examples of relevant work might include pieces inspired by literature, pieces dealing with the concept of free information, or art examining library stereotypes.Submissions may contain pre-existing work or proposals for pieces to be created specifically for The Library Show.

Send submissions by email to: thebuildings@notaboutthebuildings.com or by mail to The Library Show, 246 Rankin Avenue, Providence, RI 02908.Submissions MUST include:- name

- library branch(es) you use.

- a brief biography

- brief description of the work (existting or proposed)

Work requirements:


- up to three submissions (jpegs of at least 300 dpi, no larger than 2MG each) via e-mail or CD

- if submitting a proposal for new work, include three examples of recent completed work


- up to 25 pages of prose or 10 pages of poetry (Word or Rich Text format if e-mailed)


- at least 3 songs or work samples in mp3 format or on CD

- a link to the artists’ website (if possible)


- complete works of any length should be sent by mail in either DVD or VHS format

- e-mail entries will be accepted if the work is available online.

The deadline for entries is April 1st.

To learn more, go to www.notaboutthebuildings.com (notaboutthebuildings recognizes that libraries serve as major community centers in addition to serving as many people’s primary access to books, computers, and information. notaboutthebuildings believes that ten public libraries should be a minimum for Providence, considering the city’s size, economics, history and culture. Closing any branches would be a serious detriment to the city as a whole. The mission of notaboutthebuildings is threefold:to raise public awareness about the Library administration and its decisions regarding the branches, to ensure that all branches of the Providence Public Library remain open, and to demand that services at the branches work to best suit the needs of the neighborhood.) 


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