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Gilbert & Sullivan Concert Premiere: Saturday, April 4


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Late March 2009
RIIFF Special Event!


The Topsy Turvy World of Gilbert & Sullivan
Concert Premiere: Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 7:30 p.m.

Mary Beth Kim & Eric R. Bronner

Gilbert and Sullivan collaborated on 14 operas in the 25 year period from 1871 to 1896. These 14 operas constitute the most frequently performed series in history. They are still being performed regularly throughout the English speaking world.

Gilbert, who wrote the words, created fanciful “topsy-turvy” worlds for these operas, where each absurdity is taken to its logical conclusion-fairies rub elbows with British lords, flirting is a capital offence, gondoliers ascend to the monarchy, and pirates turn out to be noblemen who have gone wrong. Sullivan, six years Gilbert’s junior, composed the music, contributing memorable melodies that could convey both humor and pathos.
The collaboration introduced innovations in content and form that directly influenced the development of musical theatre through the 20th century. The operas have also influenced political discourse, literature, film and television and have been widely parodied and pastiched by humorists.
We celebrate the work of Gilbert & Sullivan in a unique and special new performance that is dedicated to the memories of Scott Withrow, Ted Tuttle, and the Ocean State Light Opera (OSLO), long a popular staple in Rhode Island’s musical scene.
The newly formed Flickers G&S Ensemble, under the artistic directorship of Eric R. Bronner, features original OSLO cast members including Bronner; Mary Beth Kim, soprano/co-director; Roberta Janelle, mezzo-soprano; Gabriel Alfieri, baritone; Edgar Edwards, patter baritone; with Melissa Jacobson, piano/musical director.
The revue includes music from Pirates, Pinafore, Mikado, Patience, Yeomen, Iolanthe, Ruddigore, and Gondoliers. Act I, “What’s it all about?” presents favorite selections that introduce the typical G&S character types and the variety of G&S musical styles. Act II takes its inspiration from Anna Russell’s “How to Write Your Own Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta” in a new work called “Mix ‘n Match (or a New Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta made from 95% recycled materials),” compiled from the G&S and written by Eric Bronner and Mary Beth Kim with additions by Roberta Janelle.
The event will take place at the historic Bell Street Chapel, 5 Bell Street, Providence. Tickets are $20 general admission with discounts for seniors, students and RIIFF members. A special discount offer is offered to former OSLO cast members, who are invited to bring a program from an Ocean State Light Opera production with their name in the cast list, to receive a $5 discount.

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To learn more about the history of the Ocean State Light Opera (OSLO), click here

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