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Providence Provision – Proposal Deadline Sept 9

The due date for proposals for the next Provision (which will be September 18, 2011) is September 9. The first 4 proposals received will be reviewed at the September Provision; additional proposals received will be reviewed at the following event.

Go to  http://providenceprovision.wordpress.com/propose/

To propose a project, read and complete the below proposal guidelines. Thoughtful, clear, and concise responses are encouraged. Proposals are due one week before dinner. Proposals are presented and reviewed in the order they are received by Provison organizers. We encourage projects that consider and reflect community needs in innovative ways.

Before crafting your proposal, please consider the following:

· How will this grant impact your project?
· Who does this project benefit – which individuals, what communities?
· Why is your project a good match for Provison’s community-supported funding?
· If you win, how will you present your progress at a future Provision?

Important Note: Please write your proposal using the following format. Deviation from this format, including word counts, will delay or disqualify your proposal.

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