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Fall 2011 Workshops at the Irish Ceilidhe Club of Rhode Island

Traditional Irish Fiddle Workshop Series – Beginner and Intermediate
Tuesdays 6-7 PM September 13- November 15
$150 for 10 week session/minimum 4 students

Jimmy and Hannah Devine will share their knowledge and skills in a series of group Fiddle Workshops for aspiring fiddlers. Beginners will learn posture, basic bowing techniques, proper rhythm and intonation through the mastery of scales and simpler Irish tunes. Intermediate students tackle more complicated tunes while striving to improve tempo and technique. All students are encouraged to learn to play “by ear” (recording devices are required), although musical notation is available. The goal for both groups is to learn to “play together”, in the Irish tradition, and to have a pleasurable, musical experience. **Please note: Beginner and Intermediate students will be determined at the first class and will occasionally be brought together during the 10 weeks to play “session” style.**

About Jimmy and Hannah Devine: The father/daughter fiddle team of Jimmy and Hannah Devine comprise two thirds of the traditional Irish dance band “Devine’s Diner.” With keyboardist Teddi Scobi providing the back beat, “Devine’s Diner” cooks up a tasty mix of Irish tunes for set and céilí dancing at various venues around Rhode Island and the New England area. The son of Irish immigrants, Jimmy Devine came of age during New York’s Irish music renaissance, when fiddle legends Andy McGann, Paddy Reynolds and Johnny Cronin were holding court at the famous Bunratty Pub in the Bronx; their musical influences can clearly be heard in his playing today. Active participation at New York’s Irish Arts Center and numerous trips to Ireland over the years have solidified Jimmy’s love of the tradition. In recent years, he and his daughter Hannah have had the good fortune to receive instruction on occasion from various fiddle legends including Brian Conway, Kevin Burke and Matt Cranitch. The group fiddle workshop series they offer replicates the tradition in which Jimmy learned to play. The supportive, informal group environment encourages new musicians to play together, session style, while honing their individual skills.

Traditional Irish Whistle Workshop Series – Beginner and Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Wednesdays 6-7PM (Beginner) and 7-8PM (Intermediate) September 14 – November 16
$150 for 10 week session/ minimum 4 students

Beginner Tin Whistle Class: This is for people who have little to no experience playing the whistle. We will be learning the notes and fingering and then a variety of traditional Irish tunes in different rhythm styles (polkas, jigs, reels, waltzes) and with some basics of ornamentation. Tunes will be taught in the oral tradition, meaning that music notation reading is not required. Some written references will be provided, but the focus will be on learning by ear. Please bring a ‘D’ whistle (key of D), and if you have one, a recording device. D whistles can be found in most folk stores, or try http://www.andysfronthall.com/paypal/whistles.html. Best to buy one with a tunable fipple (brand names include feadóg, generation, oak, sweetone).
Intermediate Tin Whistle Class: This is for whistle players who have mastered beginning skills and know how to play a few traditional Irish tunes by ear and with confidence. We will be focusing on repertoire building while incorporating ornamentation, breathing and style. Tunes will be taught by ear with some written references provided. Requirement: ‘D’ whistle (key of D), and a recording device.

About Andrea Cooper: A trained teacher, Andrea Cooper has taught everything from computers to clawhammer banjo. Andrea caught the Irish music bug while she was living in Toronto over a decade ago. Since then, her hobby has taken her to places as far as Eek, Alaska and as close as Mansfield, Mass. Andrea has been teaching whistle at Randal Bays’ Friday Harbor Irish Music Week in the Pacific Northwest for the past 6 years where a student described her classes as “the icing on the Jackie Daley cake”. Upon moving to New England last year, she’s had the opportunity to teach whistle classes at the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton.

Traditional Irish Singing Workshop
Mondays 6:30-7:30PM September 12-October 17
$90 for 6 week session/minimum 4 students

About Bridget Fitzgerald: Traditional sean nós (old style) singing “represents the heart and soul of Irish¬ speaking people”, as told by Bridget Fitzgerald. She was born and raised in a small village in the region of Connemara, the Irish ¬speaking area in county Galway, Ireland. It is from this region that her singing style of sean nós, or old style Irish singing, originates. Although this traditional style of singing is generally melodically and rhythmically complex, subtleties vary by region, and it is highly individualistic. Singers generally sing unaccompanied, and lyrics are sung either in Irish Gaelic or in English in the sean nós style. Because Irish was the primary language in Fitzgerald’s home when she was growing up, 50 percent of her repertoire is sung in Irish. Like many others in her village, she immigrated to the United States as a young woman. She has been singing all her life and teaching and performing for more than 30 years.
Adult Céilí Dancing Workshop
4th Friday of Every Month 8:00-9:30PM September 23-May 25th
$56 for 8 lessons/minimum 8 students

Learn progressive and set Céilí Dances. No experience or partner necessary. Regular shoes are required – no sneakers please! Dance insurance from the instructor is available.

About Annie Hennessey: Annie is a well-known Céilí and Set dancing teacher in the Boston and Providence areas. She’s been dancing since 1980 and she qualified for the TMRF (Scrúdú Teastas Rince Céilí) Céilí Dance Teacher Certification in 1985.

Ongoing Set Dancing Workshops
Mondays: 7:15-9:15 Starting September 19th $6 per lesson – pay as you go

Pat and Barry Callahan have been teaching Set Dancing between Boston, Cape Cod, Cranston and more for many years. The ongoing classes are open to all – no experience or partner necessary! Learn set dances that are used at local pub dances, dances at the Ceilidhe Club, and at all the Irish Festivals! Regular shoes if possible – no sneakers please!

About Pat and Barry Callahan: Teaching at just about any venue they can find and giving demos and performances even in the worst of weather, Pat and Barry Callahan are devoted to the art of Set dancing and love to get everyone they know just as addicted to it as they are! They bring a sense of fun with their teaching and their students quickly become friends!

For more information: SorrelD@pha-providence.com

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