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Pocket Change: contemporary art and money

ASPocket Change
Show opening: Sunday, June 4th, 4- 7pm

“Pocket Change is a two part experimental exhibition that challenges the buisness as usual approach of the contemporary art world’s fixed pricing for the elite and affluent art connoisseur. It is composed of local and national artists and panelists who will participate in the “Pocket Change” experiment in an effort to explore ways of making art affordable and accessible to everyone.

The first part of “Pocket Change” features the work of fifteen RI printmakers offering three different prints each at different price ranges. The second part is a panel discussion of artists, art historians, and curators who have created alternative models for selling and displaying

Artists: Kim Kazan, Jo Dery, Mike Taylor, Neil Burke, Xander Marro, Kenn Speiser, Pippi Zornoza, Jenny Nichols, Cybele Collins, Meredith Stern, Alec Thibodeau, Kasey Henneman, Shawn Gilheeney, Brian Chippendale and Katie Truskoski

Panelists: Nicolas Lampert, Alec Thibodeau, Josh MacPhee, Dylan Miner

Panelist discussion will be held on Wednesday, June 7th from 7-9pm at As220

Gallery open m-f noon-6pm, saturday noon- 4pm
June 2- 25th

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