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Atrium Gallery Exhibits

The State Asian Art Exhibit

The Annual Asian Art exhibit showcases visual artists and performing artists from China, Cambodian, Hmong, Korea, Pakistan, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia. These exhibits provide great opportunities to develop relationships building among these diverse countries and to strengthen the relationship between RISCA. Some of the organizations that have participated in the past 5 years have been the Laotian Community Center of Rhode Island, the Cambodian Society, the Rhode Island Kung Fu Club, the Lifespan Asian Employee Resource Group, The Rhode Island Kung Fu Club, the Socio-Economic Development Center for Southeast Asians, The Hmong United Association of RI, the Khmer City Rockers, the Indian Museum & Heritage Society, the Raksmey Kampuchae Music Group, the RI Japan Society, Language and Cultural Center, and the Silk Road Center.

The State Native American Art Exhibit

The State Native American Art Exhibit started in 2012; it was curated by Deborah Spears Moorehead as part of the New Visions/New Curators Series.   Deborah is an internationally known artist from Wampanoag Tribal Nation.  She is a descendant of Massasoit through his daughter Amie.  She is also Narragansett, Pequot, Mohegan, Nipmuc and Mohawk.
She holds a Masters of Arts in Cultural and Traditional Sustainability from Goucher College and a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Swain School of Design.  She attended Rhode Island School of Design for Sculpture and Jewelry In addition to Brown University for writing.

Her work’s focus is to assert the identity of the Eastern Woodland American Indian, past, present and future.  She was awarded the Youth Mural Project from the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institutes.  Her work has been procured by the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center and Brown University.  Art shows in and out of the United States have made her an internationally known artist.  She has shown her work at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art as well as many galleries and educational institutes such as Rhode Island School of Design, The Peabody Museum & Harvard University.

The State Diversity Art Exhibits

The Diversity Exhibits are part of an ongoing partnership between Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, (RISCA), and The RI Department of Diversity, Equity and Opportunity and culturally specific non-profit organizations.  Since 2009, four new exhibits have been added to the Diversity Exhibits: The State Youth Art Exhibit, the State Asian Art Exhibit, the State Diversity Exhibit, & the State Native American Art Exhibit.  These exhibits complement the very popular State Latin American Art Exhibit and the State Black Art Exhibits.

In 2009, Celebrating Diversity was initially on display at the Atrium Gallery@ One Capitol Hill.  The exhibition launched as a group show that included the work of artists currently living in Rhode Island.  Due to popular demand and interest it grew to incorporate a range of artists that live and work in the Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.  This expansion has made for a very intriguing collection of reflections and statements.

The State Youth Art Exhibits

The Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill is encouraging the development of new curators and gallery directors from communities of color with New Visions/New Curators Series which provides mentorship and opportunities to curate several exhibits at the Atrium Gallery since 2011.

The Youth Art Exhibit has been part of the RISCA’s “New Visions/New Curator Series” for the many years, the students conceptualize the theme, create the artwork, the brochure, and hang the show themselves, As220 Youth, Riverzedge, RISD Project Open Door and New Urban Arts have participated in the program with very successful results.  It is one of the most anticipated art exhibits at the Atrium Gallery.

As220 Youth http://youth.as220.org/
Riverzedge Arts http://www.riverzedgearts.org/
Rhode Island School of Design’s Project Open Door http://risdprojectopendoor.com/
New Urban Arts http://newurbanarts.org/

The State Employees Art Exhibit

The State Employees Art Exhibit is a collection of artwork by State Employees. The exhibit will be in the Atrium Art Gallery, located on the 1st floor of the William Powers Building (occupied by the RI Department of Administration). The exhibit is open to all present and retired state employees.

ENTRIES: Artists may submit up to 4 entries. Please send images in 300 dpi jpegs format to Elena.Patino@arts.ri.gov. Work must be original, properly framed (not just matted), and wired for hanging on a flat walled surface.

The VSA arts Rhode Island Vision Strength Access Art Exhibits

This exhibit honors Paul Sherlock, a man who has had a significant impact on the community of people with disabilities throughout RI, and celebrates his accomplishments by spotlighting the artistic talents of adult RI artists with a wide range of physical, cognitive and mental health disabilities.

During Paul Sherlock’s career as teacher, legislator and Director of Special Education his commitment as an advocate for people with disabilities transformed Rhode Island into becoming a place where exhibits such as this - and the unseen work that takes place to assist the artist’s creative process - are possible.

The artworks on display demonstrate a breadth of style and images - art that is as varied in method and expression as the life experiences of the individual artists; artworks demonstrating a rich and diverse backdrop for appreciating that it is not preconceived notions of what "disability" is that defines these artists but their passion for creating art.

For information on VSA Arts of RI, please visit: http://vsartsri.org/aboutus.htm

The ACI Art Exhibit

The Atrium Gallery hosts annual exhibits from the ACI Prison program.

The State Latin American Art Exhibits

In 2002, the Rhode Island Department of Administration, Human Resources Outreach & Diversity (HROD) Office partnered with the Rhode Island State Council On the Arts (RISCA) to bring recognition to the artistic talents of artists of color from around the state by showcasing their work in the Atrium Gallery at Capitol Hill. As a result of this collaboration, the first art exhibit was held during the month of October of that year featuring artists from the Latin American community, coordinated by Victor Mendoza, State Recruitment Officer.

The State Black Art Exhibits

In 2003, the HROD Office partnered with the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society (RIBHS) to host the first State Black Art Exhibit in the Atrium Gallery.  This partnership with RIBHS continued for several years, during which we attracted and showcased the works of talented artists from the black community.   

Over the years, we have enjoyed exhibiting wonderful works of art by many gifted artists from the communities of color, and now since 2009 through the contributions of Community Arts Program at RISCA, we are witnessing an expansion of what we began so many years ago.  RISCA’s Community Arts Program has taken our vision to an entirely different level, broadening outreach to include additional groups and art mediums.  We are grateful for the partnership we have with RISCA, and several community based organizations, and the many artists who have allowed us to exhibit their incredible work.  Our hope is to continue to celebrate the talents and gifts of artists from communities of color for many years to come.   

For more information on the State Black Art exhibits contact Cheryl A. Burrell, Associate Director of Diversity, Equity and Opportunity Rhode Island Department of Administration at (401) 222 4367 or Cheryl.Burrell@doa.ri.gov

For more information on the Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill, please contact:
Elena Calderón Patiño, Community Arts Program Director
Phone: (401) 222-6996