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2011 Expansion Arts Program

2011 Expansion Arts Program 2011
The Rhode Island Foundation, the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, and
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts are pleased to announce the
2011 Expansion Arts Program.

About Expansion Arts
The Expansion Arts Program (EAP) is a capacity-building grant program that focuses on small and emerging arts and humanities organizations that serve culturally-specific communities.

The program offers funding and technical assistance – in the form of consultation time, administrative support, and peer group work – to develop and grow emerging organizations in the areas of governance, financial management, marketing and audience development, documentation and evaluation, leadership development, and strategic collaborations.

At the start of the three-year program, EAP organizations will complete a short organizational assessment and, with assistance from an independent professional consultant, develop a customized work plan that addresses the specific areas of need they have identified.

In addition, throughout the grant period, EAP organizations will receive administrative support to assist in project management and the implementation of their work plan.

The EAP cohort will meet quarterly for skill-building, peer support, and opportunities to develop relationships across organizations.

About the Grant Awards
In 2011, The Rhode Island Foundation, the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, and Rhode Island State Council on the Arts will select four organizations to participate in the next three-year EAP. The program will begin in the late spring. EAP grantees each will receive:
$10,000 grant per year;
individualized planning time with professional consultant with expertise in capacity-building and organizational development; and
part-time administrative support throughout the three-year grant period.
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2011 Expansion Arts Program Group

Eastern Medicine Singers
RPM Voices
Art & Culture of the Americas
Cambodian Society


For more information please contact
Elena Calderón-Patiño, Community Arts Program Director
Email: Elena.Patino@arts.ri.gov
Phone: (401) 222-6996