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Art & Traditions of the World Program at Latino Public Radio

Art & Traditions of the World program at Latino Public Radio was a way to connect the leaders of Rhode Island's most prominent non-profits with the Rhode Island Latino population. A project being launched by RISCA in an effort to foster a community of support and engagement between leaders of community groups and established arts organizations and non-profits. The project hopes to maintain the existence of ongoing events that promote cross cultural understanding and unity among diverse communities.

There were interviews with

Bert Crenca of As220
Michelle Cortes Harkin of Chispa
JMW School of Performing and Visual Arts
Providence Community Library
Providence City Arts
Jason Yoon of New Urban Arts
Art League of RI
Everett Dance Theatre
Community Music Works
Jim Leach, Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities
Steelyard & Tsetse gallery
Pawtucket Arts Collaborative
RISD Project Open Door
RISD Public Engagement
Art Providence Windows
Art and Business Council
RISD Museum of Art
Warwick Art Museum
Dr Paul Sproll, & Mara O’ Day RISD Project Open Door &
Peter Hockings, Director, RISD Public Engagement
Art Providence Windows
Art and Business Council
As220, Chispa, Riverzedge, JMW School of Performing & Visual Arts, Providence Community Library, Providence City Arts, New Urban Arts, Art League of RI, Everett Dance Theatre, Community Music Works, RISD, Project Open Door, RISD Museum of Art, Warwick Art Museum, Attleboro Art Museum, etc.

Interviews with Artists included
Eastern Medicine Singers,
Sidy Maiga,
John Monteiro,
Lydia Perez,
Momin Malik & R.A. Fish,
Bisi Kolawole &
Cambodian Music Ensemble featuring Song Heng.