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Community Arts Program

Community Arts

Beyond folk and traditional artists, Rhode Island is host to an incredible variety of community artists. Coming from places as diverse as the folk artists whom we celebrate, these artists practice art forms that diverge from traditional practice. Rather than stemming from a long-standing tradition of apprenticeship, the work of these artists is the product of a more recent ingenuity. Sometimes without access to formal training, community artists have nonetheless proven themselves masters of their art. And while the roots of their practice might not be clearly traceable, these artists produce work that is vital to the artistic life of their communities and their neighborhoods.

RISCA is committed to ensuring that these artists, who come from an incredible range of places and traditions, may also have the opportunity to share practice with the Rhode Island community.

The Community Arts Program consists of:

For more information, please contact:
Elena Calderón Patiño, Community Arts Program Director
Phone: (401) 222-6996