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Sustainable Intercultural Connections - Local Gatherings

One on One Project
The RISD Museum of Art
RISCA’s Community Arts program’s ongoing commitment to the Sustainable Intercultural Connections initiative will be holding a series of small gathering that connect artists, performers and directors of non- profits to the director of established art organizations in an effort to foster organic relationship building and possible collaborations between people and organizations.

Organizational Boot Camp
via Skype with Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Eleven culturally specific non-profit organizations from Rhode Island participated in an organizational Boot Camp via Skype with culturally specific organizations from Pennsylvania.   Some of the topics discussed was How to prepare an effective grant, documentation and marketing.

Maria Lopez de Leon, Director of NALAC came to town to meet local nonprofit organizations - Southside Cultural Center, RI Foundation, and RI Black Storytellers.

Community Workshop at Southside
New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) gave a presentation on Creative Ground, the new regional artist directory and there were also presentations from diverse artists and directors of organizations.