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Sustainable Community Connections Initiative

Sustainable Community Connections Initiative

is a new project being launched by RISCA in an effort to foster a community of support and engagement between leaders of community groups and established arts organizations and non-profits. The project hopes to maintain the existence of ongoing events that promote cross cultural understanding and unity among diverse communities.

Latino Public Radio

There are several phases to this project. The first phase was a partnership with Latino Public Radio (LPR) as a way to connect the leaders of Rhode Island's most prominent non-profits with the Rhode Island Latino population. A series of interviews hosted on LPR will serve to showcase these leaders and to communicate their missions to a wider public. Among other things, these interviews will highlight the free after-school programming made available to youths by the non-profits in the community.

Creative Impact Series

The second phrase of the initiative is the Creative Impact Series which will be focused on creating ongoing opportunities for leaders from non- profits from across many communities to come together. The goal of these networking sessions is to establish relationships among leaders and to encourage possible future collaborations among them. These events are aimed at providing access and information across existing organizations in hopes of fostering shared understanding and cross-cultural community interaction and support. In addition, focus groups will be established to help develop ideas on how to better collaborate and partner with diverse communities. Panel discussions will also be organized to share strategies used by different non-profits for programming and community involvement. Through these focus groups and panel discussions, community leaders will have the opportunity to discover new ways in which these organizations can collaborate on future projects. There is will be several surveys sent out to the Creative impact series community that will encourage their participation and feedback.

Latino Community Celebration

A third phase of the project will include the possibilities for future collaborations established through the first and second phases. Plans will be laid out during this stage for opportunities for groups to meet on an ongoing basis. The future collaborations planned include the Latino Community Celebration, Asian Community Celebration, and the Black Community Celebration.

For more information please contact
Elena Calderón-Patiño, Community Arts Program Director
Email: Elena.Patino@arts.ri.gov
Phone: (401) 222-6996