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Mary Beth Meehan
Artist: Mary Beth Meehan
109 Burlington St, 
Providence,  RI 02906

Telephone: 401/480-3184
Email: marybethmeehan@cox.net
Artist Category: Visual Arts
Artist Type: Education

Mary Beth Meehan is a documentary photographer, writer, and educator, with a particular interest in issues of urban life, including immigration, culture, and community. Her educational work leads students through the exploration of their worlds through photography and writing, promoting both visual and verbal literacy. Students become familiar with the language of narrative photography and are taught to photograph while reflecting on such themes as self, home, family, neighborhood, community, and culture. (These themes may be adapted to suit any project or classroom curriculum.) Writing prompts then accompany the photography, promoting further reflection on relevant themes. She has received RISCA education grants for a variety of photography-based projects: most recently, she directs the “Documenting Cultural Communities” project at the International Charter School, where bilingual third-graders explore their own cultures, producing photographs and reflective writing in two languages, and three public exhibitions each year. She also co-directs the “My Own World” photography project at The Groden Center, where she helps young people with autism use the photography to express themselves, to describe their worlds, and to share those worlds with others. In Brockton, Massachusetts, Meehan led a Mass Humanities-funded summer photography project in which teenagers were asked to reflect on life in that city. Thirteen banner-sized photographs made by students were then hung on buildings in downtown Brockton in a large-scale public installation, which included walking tours and community-led discussions of the issues that the photographs raised.

Artist's Website: www.marybethmeehan.com

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