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RISCA Artist Detail

Michael Fishel Bresler
Artist: Michael Fishel Bresler
857 Hope St, 
Providence,  RI 02906

Telephone: 401/273-9814
Email: breslersmusic@gmail.com
Artist Category: Music
Artist Type: Folk

[F] Folk Artist. Jewish folk arts- music, stories and dance, shared as a lively and living legacy of diverse Jewish cultures. Students learn: What's Jewish? What is Klezmer?…the Kabalah? Who are the Hassidim & the Sephardim? How are cultures passed on to the next generation?...effected by neighboring cultures? Students develop new excitement about their own ethnic heritage. Michael (BA Music) has studied and performed traditional Jewish music for several years. Musician. One day show(s) or 5 -15 day residencies. Michael offers a choice of programs adapted to the needs of the students. He has a multicultural musical repetoire and a supply of easy student participation instruments. Michael's professional bands give concerts of klezmer, bluegrass or old-time string band music. Michael (BA in music) has been teaching for 25 years, kindergarten through college, including extensive experience with special needs and multi-ethnic inclusion projects. Flute Soup. Michael and Phyllis Aronson demonstrate an exciting multi-cultural array of flutes, fifes & other flute-like instruments, including the traditional music of each. Different musical structures are described; students are involved in singing and clapping to teach careful listening. Adapted to age group. Michael (BA in flute) has been teaching/performing for 25 years; Phyllis (MA in music), teaches and performs, including the Hartford Symphony and the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.

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