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RISCA Artist Detail

Gail Porter
Artist: Gail Porter
152 Bayard St, 
Providence,  RI 02906

Telephone: 401/273-9529
Email: g.porter@cox.net
Artist Category: Visual Arts
Artist Type: Education

STILL PHOTOGRAPHY: Students are challenged to discover their unique ways of seeing and to expand their vision by exploring their environments from many vantage points. Students use digital cameras, and learn a photo program; or use film, and learn b+w printing in a darkened room; or use a combination of the two. Sample projects: students make “sunprint” photo paper and use it; construct and use pinhole cameras; create self-portraits with self-reflective writing; create abstract photographs that inspire poetry; or create documentary projects. Teacher and artist design a custom photography program that meets state standards in literacy, social studies, visual literacy, science and/or technology. CLAY ANIMATION: Students create a short animation using stop motion animation. Working in teams, they write a simple script; draw storyboards; form their characters from modeling clay; build mini sets and make props from found/recycled objects, cardboard and/or clay. Meets several technology and art standards as well as those mentioned above.

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