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RISCA Artist Detail

Laura Colella
Artist: Laura Colella
40 Forest St, 
Providence,  RI 02906

Telephone: 401/374-1152
Email: Lella11@aol.com
Artist Category: Media Arts
Artist Type: Education

Film/Video. Workshops may be tailored to include any or all phases of short video production, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, shooting and editing. The work may focus on narrative or documentary techniques. Depending on the length of the residency, short films and/or excerpted sequences may be viewed for discussion and analysis. Laura Colella is an award-winning independent filmmaker whose works include, features: "Breakfast with Curtis"; "Stay Until Tomorrow"; "Tax Day" and shorts: "The Radiator Hymn"; "The Blind Spot"; "The Burning Hand"; "Statuary" and others.

Artist's Website: www.lauracolella.com

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