What We Do Not Fund

Council support may be used for expenses related to a specific project, such as the production, presentation or exhibition of art, or for reasonable administrative expenses necessary to carrying out the project. Council support may not be used for
• Construction or capital expenses.
• Deficit reduction or contributions to an endowment fund.
• Fund-raising events or benefit activities.
• Prizes and awards.
• Hospitality expenses, i.e., receptions, parties, gallery openings.
• Expenses incurred prior to or after the grant cycle in which the grant has been awarded (7/1-6/30 for April 1 deadline; 1/1-6/30 for October 1 deadline).
• Regranting purposes.
• Activities which are part of a graduate or undergraduate degree program.
• Activities that have a religious purpose.
• Performances and exhibitions not available to the general public.