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Funding Resources for Artists

Art Deadlines
Art contests and competitions, art jobs and internships, art scholarships, grants and fellowships, art festivals, call for entries/proposals/projects, and other opportunities, in all disciplines, for art students, art teachers, and artists of all ages. A subscription to the paid/premium list guarantees you will be the first to view announcements and have access to all announcements.

Authors League
Since 1917, the Authors League Fund has been helping professional writers and dramatists who find themselves in financial need because of medical or health-related problems, temporary loss of income or other misfortune.

The Clark Hulings Fund
The Clark Hulings Fund provides business training & funding to professional working artists

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund
CERF+ accomplishes its mission through direct financial and educational assistance to artists working in craft disciplines including emergency relief assistance, business development support, and resources and referrals on topics such as health, safety, and insurance. CERF+ develops, promotes, and maintains resources for emergency readiness and recovery that benefit all artists. CERF+ also advocates, engages in research, and backs policy that supports artists' careers.

Creative Capital
Creative Capital acts as a catalyst for the development of adventurous and imaginative ideas by artists whose work is provocative, timely, and relevant; who are deeply engaged with their art forms and demonstrate a rigorous commitment to their craft, yet are also boldly original and push the boundaries of their genre.

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online
Find sources for scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards, and other financial support with the only online resource devoted exclusively to foundations that fund individuals.

LEF Foundation Moving Image Fund
LEF New England launched the Moving Image Fund in 2002 to support independent film and video artists creating work in all genres.  In the current transition from a broader to a more defined funding strategy, LEF will focus its funding on documentary filmmaking, with the goal of applying the learning from this deeper investment in one genre.

New England Foundation for the Arts
The New England Foundation for the Arts' (NEFA's) mission is to cultivate and promote the arts in New England and beyond. Programs support artists across many forms of expression and many geographies, connecting them with collaborators and communities, fueling creative exchange and public discourse, and strengthening the creative economy.

New York Foundation for the Arts
Established in 1971 as an independent organization to serve individual artists throughout the state, the mission of New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is to empower emerging artists and arts organizations across all disciplines at critical stages in their creative lives and professional/organizational development. In 2009, NYFA extended their programs and services throughout the United States and the international community.

The Rhode Island Council for the Humanities
The Rhode Island Council for the Humanities seeds, supports, and strengthens public history, cultural heritage, civic education, and community engagement by and for all Rhode Islanders.

The Rhode Island Foundation
The Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowship Fund provides up to three $25,000 artist fellowships each year, rotating among composers, writers, and visual artists on a three-year cycle. In all three disciplines, the fellowships are awarded to Rhode Island artists whose work demonstrates exceptional creativity, rigorous dedication, and significant artistic merit.

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation
The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc. was established in 1985 for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to individual visual artists of established ability through the generosity of the late Lee Krasner, one of the leading abstract expressionist painters and the widow of Jackson Pollock.