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T.F. Green Airport Terminal Improvement Project public art commission


t.f. green airport

T. F. Green Airport, owned by the State of Rhode Island and operated by the Rhode Island Airport Corporation(RIAC), is a medium hub commercial service airport serving the State of Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts and eastern Connecticut. Currently serving over 5 million passengers annually with approximately 250 daily aircraft operations, the projected growth at T. F. Green is anticipated to be 11 million passengers and 630 daily operations by 2020.

The goal of the public art project at T. F. Green Airport is to commission site specific artwork that enhances the physical environment and provides an amenity for diverse groups of citizens passing through the facility. For new visitors to Rhode Island, it will provide an engaging introduction to the state and perhaps a diversion from what can be a stressful travel process.

Project and Site Descriptions:

A five-member public art selection panel composed of a representative of the RI Airport Corporation, a community representative, two professional artists, and the project architect, met to discuss the T.F. Green Airport capital improvement project and the master plan for public art projects at the site. Seven (7) interior sites appropriate for the installation of public art have been selected by the panel. Be sure to indicate for which site(s) you are submitting a proposal.

A total of up to $487,500 has been designated for the acquisition of interior public art for the project. Inclusive in this budget are ALL COSTS for fabrication, installation and transportation of artwork, as well as artist’s fees and site preparation.

The Committee suggested that proposals may include these elements but are not limited to:

  • Bringing the outside in: using nature as a basis for dialogue with viewers.
  • The repurposing of materials: using recycled elements as media.
  • A sense of discovery: creating a network of art sites for viewers to encounter.
  • Intellectually engaging artwork that connects viewers to ideas.
  • Gateway to southeastern New England


Site 1: Interspace Signs:
12’ off the floor above checkpoint ramps to concourses hang eight (8)existing signs (formally used for advertising), wall-mounted and perpendicular to the wall. Each sign measures 47” square and is covered with a translucent plastic panel lit from within. The sides of the signs on the down ramp will still bear advertising. Proposals will use only the up ramp side of the panels.

Sites 2 & 3: By-Pass Ramp Walls Two identical walls are situated at opposite ends of a central corridor leading to baggage claim. Each wall measures approximately 70’ in length and is broken up into 6 segments by recessed lighting running from floor to ceiling. (The recessed lights are covered with a translucent plastic and each measures approximately 9” wide.) The height of the wall follows the down ramp down before the floor levels out and enters the central corridor. Therefore, wall height begins at approximately 12.5’ and elongates to approximately 16.5’.

Sites 4, 5, 6: Central Corridor Walls Three (3) wall spaces each measuring 60’ feet in length and 8’ in height exist on the east wall within the central corridor that have been identified to receive artwork. The corridor is a long and narrow, low-ceilinged space that feeds passengers coming from the north and south terminals down to baggage claim. Midway down the corridor from either side, a ramp T’s off and drops down to a large concession/pedestrian area and ultimately to baggage claim. A proposal for this site(s) might include but not be limited to, a mural, painting, or lightweight, durable wall sculpture.

Site 7: Maintenance Facility:
The Maintenance Facility is a non-public building separate from the main terminal that houses the offices of the Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC) and airport maintenance equipment. A portion of the total budget has been set aside for a small to medium, freestanding sculpture for the reception area of RIAC administrative offices.

Project Budgets:

  • Site 1: Interspace Signs $43,900
  • Site 2: By-Pass Ramp Walls $219,300
  • Site 3: Corridor Walls $219,300
  • Site 4: Maintenance Facility $5,000

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Submission Requirements:
Proposals for the T. F. Green Terminal Improvement Project public art commission will be submitted online through CAFÉ ™ at www.callforentry.org by the submission deadline of August 20, 2007. All materials must be submitted through CAFÉ ™. There is no charge for this service. No slides or hard copy materials will be accepted. First-time CAFÉ ™ applicants must allow ample time to prepare their proposals and digital images for electronic submission in accordance with CAFÉ ™ requirements in order to meet the deadline.

Open to all visual artists. The panel, RISCA, and RIAC, will not discriminate against any applicant based on age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or physical challenges. Excluded from participation are RISCA council members, staff and their family members, as well as, art selection panelists and their family members.

Applications accepted through the Cafe site only. Please do not send application materials via email or U.S. post.

Instructions on how to format images to CaFE™ specifications can be found at http://www.callforentry.org/imaging_tips.phtml

Note: If an artist would like to apply as an individual as well as part of a team, two separate profiles and applications must be submitted.

Submissions will consist of:

  1. Current resume of principal artist and of key assistants and/or subcontractors, if applicable. Teams must submit all resumes within one document.
  2. A written proposal statement not to exceed 2,000 characters specifying the site(s) and describing the concept and materials, proposed budget and installation requirements.
  3. Six (6) digital images of relevant work completed within the past five years. The following information must accompany each image:
    --dimensions (HWD)
    --brief description: include date of completion here

Note: If you wish to submit a "detail" image, it will be considered one of the six images allowed.

RFQ Finalist Selection Criteria:
The T. F. Green public art selection panel will review all submitted proposals in September, 2007 and choose 3-5 finalists based on the following key criteria:

Quality and suitability of applicant’s artwork in relation to project description, stated goals, and budget; Demonstrated ability of artists or teams to enter into a contractual agreement and complete contract agreement on schedule and within proposed budget; Demonstrated ability to address and meet all ADA standards, safety standards and other codes; Permanence and durability of artwork and minimum maintenance requirements.

Full Proposals:
Finalists chosen by the public art selection panel will be notified before the end of September, 2007. Upon notification, a preparatory site visit to the TF Green Airport will be arranged for each finalist by RISCA. This will allow finalists to meet with the architects, RIAC staff, and project and construction staff in order to gain a better sense and understanding of the project scope. Finalists will be asked to create a full proposal to be presented in person to the art selection panel in December, 2007. This presentation should clearly convey the artist’s concept for artwork through plans, drawings, and/or scale models with a clear description of materials, fabrication, installation requirements (including engineering and other specifications), and overall project cost. For their completed proposals, an honorarium of $1,500 will be awarded to each finalist.

RISCA will be responsible for travel and lodging arrangements and expenses, as well as a small per diem for both the preparatory site visit and the final presentation visit.

RISCA reserves the right to retain all artist proposal materials for up to one year and the right to reproduce final proposals for documentation and public education purposes. The public art selection panel reserves the right to determine which proposals will be funded and the extent of funding for each commission and installation. The panel also reserves the right to reject any final proposal submitted. Upon final approval by RISCA for the purchase of artwork, the selected artist(s) will enter into contract with RIAC. The completed artwork will be owned and maintained by the State of Rhode Island.

We are seeking proposals for one or more installations of public art that, combined, fall within the budget. The final amount of money allocated for the TF Green component of the Airport Expansion project is up to the discretion of the Public Art Selection Panel. Any unspent funds from the TF Green project will be allocated to future calls for public art at the airport.

Deadlines for submission:

  • RFQ submission deadline: August 20, 2007.
  • Proposal review and finalist selection: mid-to late-September, 2007.
  • Finalist notification: before end of September.
  • Finalists’ preparatory site visit: Fall, 2007.
  • Finalist presentations: Fall, 2007
  • Final selection and notification: Winter, 2007

For specific questions regarding the scope of the public art project, including .jpgs, please contact Dorothy Bocian at debocian@yahoo.com, or, Elizabeth Keithline at keithlineri@cox.net.