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RISCA Public Art Listing

Bearing Figure
Artist: Howard Ben Tre
Installation Date: May 1, 1996


The bronze metal and green-tinted glass create an abstract yet exceptionally human form, which makes the work feel more like a statue of a person than an abstract combination of forms. Three indents occur in even increments begin with an anchor like base—reminiscent of the state’s flag—and culminating in what could easily be read as a human’s shoulders and neck; the undulating curves are also suggestive of the human spinal cord. The sculpture, though larger than a life-size human, confronts the viewer as a guard placed to greet and protect those who pass through the Convention Center’s entrance. The sculpture’s finish and color blend harmoniously with the outer appearance of the building, and when viewed from the windows above, interacts gracefully with the lines of brick side walk and the surrounding trees.

Artist's Website: Howard Ben Tre

Directions: http://www.riconvention.com/

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