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RISCA Public Art Listing

Procession of the Ancient Ones
Artist: Napoleon Jones-Henderson
Installation Date: January 1, 1996


This painted tile mural serves as a telephone privacy wall on the second floor of the convention center across from the cafe and visitors to the convention center stop and sit on the benches which are placed in front of the work. The mural tiles are covered in brightly colored designs, patterns, and human forms. The additional element of raised sculptural texture adds to the dynamic energy and activity of this work. The cool sheen of the tiles is counteracted by the warmth of bright colors and active patterns to achieve beautiful and harmonious results. The work, situated on a diagonal at the corner of a major walkway, creates an interesting and inviting visual focal point. The turtles which decorate the surface, though apparently not originally intended to have significant connection to the work’s context, were recently linked to Rhode Island’s history-which long ago was a region known for its turtles.

Directions: http://www.riconvention.com/

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