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One City Tells The Story of the Importance of the Arts

Here's a great example of how one community presents itself and the value of the arts to a community's economy. Just substitute "Rhode Island" for "Houston"

Economic Recovery and the Arts in Rhode Island

chart showing arts organization are better, worse or the same in second look at their economic situation

From February 2009 report, showing that 68% of arts organizations responding felt that things had gotten worse for them since our last review in October 2008

Rhode Island and the nation are currently experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis. This situation is affecting artists and arts organizations in very serious ways. The purpose of this web page is to bring together information about the crisis, here and elsewhere, and explore ways that artists and organizations are helping themselves and others get through a very difficult time. Feel free to contribute your own thoughts and links to articles by emailing RISCA at Randall.Rosenbaum@arts.ri.gov

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Comments, Suggestions and Recommendations

We are building a list of your thoughts, comments, suggestions and recommendations. If you have something you would like to add to the list, email RISCA at Randall.Rosenbaum@arts.ri.gov.